Letter To The Editor: U.S. DOJ Event At GF Library

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The writer of the following letter to the editor wishes to remain anonymous:

The U.S. Attorney General’s office, in conjunction with the Great Falls Public Library, will present a panel discussion “United Against Hate,” February 20 from 3-5 pm in Cordingley Room at the library.

According to event information, “It will be an opportunity for the local community to engage with federal agencies and local law enforcement and increase understanding and reporting of hate crimes. There will be a short presentation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office followed by a panel discussion with federal and local partners during which attendees are welcome to ask questions or comment.”

There is no information on the identity of the local partners or if additional federal partners will be present.

According to event information, “United Against Hate” is an initiative launched by the U.S. Department of Justice focused on improving the prevention of hate crimes and hate incidents by building relationships at the local level.”

 However, the current administration’s Department of Justice and the Attorney General are not without criticism, particularly from House Judiciary Committee members who claim the DOJ/AG weaponized federal law enforcement by targeting, investigating and intimidating U.S. citizens for exercising their free speech and for the agency’s bias in applying the law.

Allegations by committee members range from weaponizing law enforcement against parents speaking out at school board meetings and characterizing traditional Catholics as having ties to “white supremacy,” to slow-walking the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden.

Link to the event here.

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