Letters To The Editor: Briggs And Larson Criticized

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Good morning,

I strongly oppose County Ordinance 23-01 because this Ordinance improperly serves only the personal agenda of Commissioners Briggs and Larson. It does NOTHING to serve the interests of the residents of Cascade County.

I have no doubt that this Ordinance was proposed in bad faith only to “punish” Commissioner Grulkowski for the outstanding performance of her duties (both as a Commissioner and as Chair of the Commission), despite the obvious and increasing hostility expressed toward her by her Co-Commissioners and their self-serving supporters (and donors?). It is clear that she is doing her best to make the Commissioners (herself included) more accountable to We the Pepole. Apparently, Commissioners Briggs and Larson do not believe they should be held accountable to ANYONE outside of their Chambers.

This Ordinance is nothing more than an invalid and thinly veiled attempt to prevent Commissioner Grulkowski from doing her DUTY as Chair of the Commission to ensure that the Commission performs its duties LAWFULLY and TRANSPARENTLY. 

As a resident and elector and of Cascade County, I believe that Commissioners Briggs and Larson are (at the very least) in breach of the public trust by their deliberate undermining of Commissioner Grulkowski in their attempt to remove her from her chairmanship, apparently BECAUSE she insists that the Commission conduct the business of Cascade County lawfully, transparently, and in the best interests of their constituents. Judging from the recent Canvass, Commissioners Briggs and Larson view Montana law as an UNWELCOME inconvenience that neither is willing to read, much less FOLLOW.

I urge you to retain Chairman Grulkowski for another year and vote NO on Ordinance 23-01.


Dena Burnham Johnson
Great Falls, MT 59404


Dear News Media,

I am alerting you this morning to the injustice and manipulative tactics of County Commissioner Joe Briggs and County Commissioner Jim Larson in their attempts to silence newly elected County Commissioner, Rae Grulkowski!  These  men are trying to silence Rae Grulkowski’s input and influence by removing her from her current position as Chair!  Their excuse is a false accusation of Rae’s ability to conduct meetings properly.  Rae has had many years of experience in conducting meetings as she is a local business owner and has been involved in conducting many business meetings.  I, personally, have sat in County Commissioner meetings and have witnessed her level headed ability to conduct their meetings properly.

In the past, there was an automatic rotation procedure that was an equal and fair representation of all three County  Commissioners.  Rae has stepped into a position that currently has the privilege of being the chair.  These two other Commissioners have lost their control and are attempting to regain their domination of the current procedure that is taking place right now.  This needs to be stopped! 

Joe Briggs has been in his position for 19 years!  We need new blood and fresh ideas to come into Cascade County!

Rae needs to have the freedom and liberty to conduct her Chair duties  without harassment from disgruntled “old guard” County Commissioners.

I am trusting you to get this very important information out to the people of Cascade County.  Thank you!

Sharon Thompson,
Great Falls, MT  59404

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  1. Commissioners Briggs and Larson,Who would have thought the practices of Aristocracy and 3rd World Dictators would find a home in the government halls of Cascade County, Montana. I find it appalling, efforts are being pursued to dis-enfranchise any single voter, let alone all those having voted in the last election. Your efforts are ‘banana republic’ political tactics. The only thing missing is a military coup. A sense of shame should be ‘blanketing’ both of you as ‘dis-credit’ has come to the Cascade County Commission.Please rescind your efforts to employ Resolution 23-62.As elected officials, you have an obligation to respect the wishes of the voters. Please do so.


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