March 12 Deadline To File For Local State Legislative Races

Great Falls area 2018 state legislative races are shaping up to be interesting once again. The filing deadline for candidates is about a month away, March 12th.

The Primary Election is June 5th and the General Election is November 6th.

Here is a list of who has filed so far:

Senate District 11 – Tom Jacobson (D), Adam Rosendale (R)

Senate District 12 – Carlie Boland (D) Incumbent (appointed by Cascade County Commissioners after Mary Sheehy Moe resigned)

Senate District 13 – Brian Hoven (R) Incumbent, Kevin Vincent Leatherbarrow (L), Bob Moretti (D)

House District 17 – Ross H. Fitzgerald (R) Incumbent

House District 18 – Llew Jones (R)

House District 19 – Wendy McKamey (R) Incumbent, Lynelle Melton (D)

House District 20 – Fred Anderson (R) Incumbent, Keaton Sunchild (D)

House District 21 – John Abarr (D), Ed Buttrey (R), Leesha Ford(D)

House District 22 – Laura Dever (D)

House District 23 – Brad Hamlett (D) Incumbent

House District 24 – Barbara Bessette (D)

House District 25 – Jasmine Krotkov (D), Garrett Lankford (D), Jeremy Trebas (R) Incumbent

House District 26 – Casey Schreiner (D) Incumbent

Stay tuned to E-City Beat for updated coverage, information, and articles from the candidates themselves as we continue to follow the upcoming election.

You can file for office with the Secretary of State and get all the info you need here.

Here’s where you can find all of the legislative district maps. Candidates are not required to live in the House or Senate district in which they are running but are required to be a legal resident of the county in which they are running.



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