Nearly 76% Of Whitney Williams’ Donations From Out Of State

Montana Democrat and gubernatorial candidate Whitney Williams is a fundraising tour de force.

Williams, the daughter of former U.S. Representative Pat Williams and former Montana Senate Majority Leader Carol Williams, has amassed a campaign war chest that leads the Democratic field.

According to the Montana Free Press, Williams has raked in $431,768, but with only 24.2% of that total coming from Montana donors. (Mike Cooney comes in second among Democrats, at $399,375, with Casey Schreiner following with just over $80,000.)

Don Pogreba of The Montana Post expanded on the Montana Free Press’ reporting and created a chart detailing, among other things, the percentage of funds raised by each candidate from in-state donors.

Here is the breakdown, in descending order:

  • Al Olszewski (R): 96.2%
  • Reilly Neill (D): 90.0%
  • Casey Schreiner (D): 84.9%
  • Tim Fox (R): 84.3%
  • Greg Gianforte (R): 79.7%
  • Mike Cooney (D): 78.7%
  • Whitney Williams (D): 24.2%

While some might chafe at Williams’ extreme reliance on outside money to influence our governor’s race, rest assured that Williams does not actually want out-of-staters telling us how to vote:


If an out-of-stater comes here to “tell” us how to vote, that’s bad. But if an out-of-stater wants to write her a check, that’s good.

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4 Replies to “Nearly 76% Of Whitney Williams’ Donations From Out Of State”

  1. So she goes after Greg for simply being born out of state, yet she has him 3:1 on out of state donations. This woman is disgusting and don’t forget, she worked for Hillary!!


  2. Booker, Harris, Biden, Gillibrand, the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation all received money from Trump and his family. I guess some of it may have been used to pay Ms. Williams salary. Disgusting. I wonder if out of stater Trump jr. is seeking out of country election help for Greg?
    What has Gianforte been doing these past years in the House? Not counting his undying love for all things Trump? Not much since that Beat the Press episode.


  3. This is just another EVIL WITCH that’s trying to buy a seat in Montana to be the governor with outside money and I remember her father well that sold Montana out to please his outside donors and the damage that resulted to Montana! Say no to this twit, she’s part of the problem, just ANOTHER turd in the SEWER!


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