New Axios Poll: Tester In Trouble

According to a new poll from Axios, Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) might be in a little bit of trouble this year.

Tester is getting pounded to the tune of 55-42 against the generic “Republican,” presumably Montana State Auditor Matt Rosendale.

From his shameless sycophancy to Big Pharma, to his flip-flopping on DACA, to his #Resistance-styled obstructionism that is to the left of even Chuck Schumer — Tester joined socialists Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as one of the lonely 18 “resisters” who voted to continue the failed Schumer Shutdown, even as Schumer himself voted to re-open the government — Jon Tester appears increasingly and remarkably out of touch with Montana values.

Blue wave, anyone?

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6 Replies to “New Axios Poll: Tester In Trouble”

  1. Tester said while running against what he called a career politician Conrad Burns,
    that he believed in citizen legislators and would serve TWO terms and then return to the farm. Let’s give new citizen legislators a vote


  2. Wow. Sorry my republican friends, but if Rosendale is the best you’ve got, I would find a different party to belong to! Hell, come join me on the independent side!


    1. Oh Larry Pelosi, you are always such a pathetic drama queen. STFU for once fool..


      1. Oh, ok I.B. Jerkin. Great debater you ain’t!


  3. OK, now back to Jon Tester……. has he explained why his committee paid money for votes on an Indian Reservation? Inquiring minds would like to know.


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