Police Are Terrorizing Communities?

In the immediate wake of the Derek Chauvin verdict #AbolishThe Police was trending in the top 10 on Twitter.

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Defund the police and return those resources to Black communities as reparations?

That is a totally absurd notion that we’d wager the vast majority of minority communities and individuals wholeheartedly reject.

“…as long as cops exist they’ll continue to terrorize our communities.”???

“Now let’s do the other 999 cops that killed someone last year.”???

It appears that the goal for these Twitter mobsters isn’t ‘justice’ or even accountability. It’s anarchy and mob rule.

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  1. Well maybe they ought to do a trial run first, see how it works out. Withdraw the police from the black communities, and no long respond to 911 calls in those areas. See if thing improve. Somehow I doubt it will, but you never know? Maybe, just for once,in their long history of always being wrong, the left might be right. And if they are not, they don’t care, they don’t live there.


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