Poll: Anyone Up For Another School Levy?

It’s a little early, but since the Tribune reported that GFPS is exploring the possibility of another school levy this year, we thought we’d ask:

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Proponents will point to belt-tightening at the Legislature…

This is our opportunity to share where we stand and let them see what we see through our crystal ball, so to speak,” said Brian Patrick, GFPS director of business operations. “It’s a little harder with this legislative year coming up. There probably won’t be any new money for schools.

…while opponents will surely object to another school tax just months after voters approved nearly $100 million in school bond levies.

What say you?

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3 Replies to “Poll: Anyone Up For Another School Levy?”

  1. Sorry to say but I saw this coming our school board don’t care about the people of great falls just their little empire. Look at your tax bill and the amount you pay to schools. With that amount the schools should be well taken care of. It is time that we make them cut their budget and if they have to lay off teachers and put more kids in a class so be it.


  2. I supported the last bond levy. I think the District would be crazy to go back to taxpayers again this soon.


  3. Lt. Colonel (Retired, Army) Richard Liebert January 9, 2017 at 8:57 AM

    Agreed ‘G-guy’!


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