Poll: Economic Development Mill Levy

As we reported a couple of days ago, and as the Tribune reported yesterday, the GFDA is recommending that:

…Cascade County commissioners place a three-mill economic development levy before county voters this spring during a special election to generate $450,000 a year that can be used to create more jobs.

It won’t be a large one:

A three-mill levy would add about $6 to the tax bill of a county resident owning a home valued at $150,000, Cascade County Budget Officer Mary Embleton said.

So, we thought we’d ask, will you support this levy?

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  1. I’m tired of our taxes going up every year!
    If the schools would quit asking for and receiving money all the time, it might be a different story.
    We , the citizens, voted in the lottery to take care of school funding. As far as I know it isn’t being used.
    There are a lot of us on fixed incomes and we never get raises!!

  2. The seemingly ‘endless’ fees, taxes, levies and ‘charges’ is like ‘death by a thousand cuts’ to many on fixed incomes. As a rancher, we’re facing severe low commodity prices along with the farmers, and Ag is No. 1 in MT, and I can’t get a ‘levy’ but what would this levy DO for the farm and ranch community? I’d like to know exactly. I’m glad to pay property taxes, livestock tax and even support 10 cents a gallon increase on fuel (yes, Ag uses a lot) that MUST be used only for infrastructure to include COUNTY roads that are part of our vital ‘farm to market’ roads.

  3. Dang it “Enough is enough” Let those who need more finance do more the raise it themselves–and NOT on the backs of those of who are on fixed income or work two or three jobs to make our ends meet at the end of the month ! Let them take a hard look at their own efficiency and find ways to cut their costs while doing being more productive, including take a look at their own wages.


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