Poll: GFPD Vs. The Great Falls Tribune

On Friday, the Great Falls Police Department issued a media release responding to a Tribune story about the Great Falls Rescue Mission. You can read the Tribune’s response to the GFPD release here.

Can anyone recall the GFPD ever scolding local media like this? The fact that our (excellent) police department felt compelled to make any kind of statement says a lot, frankly.

But what do you think? Do you agree with the GFPD, or did the Tribune get it right? Vote in our poll, and tell us why in the Comments…


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  1. I generally never recommend challengeing any group that buys ink by the barrel to a war of words, but this time I think the Tribune jumped to a unjustified conclusion.

  2. I feel Tribune should have done more unbiased research. Inferring that the Rescue Mission would sacrifice children’s well-being in fear of losing funding was a hasty judgement and unfair. Tribune should be appalled that the GFPD needed to set facts straight
    Conducting a poll on their “rightness” is laughable.

  3. “Our agency strives to provide all victims of crime with the best possible service in order to obtain justice.”?

  4. Why wasn’t there any adults charged with negligence or anything else? Shouldn’t SOMEBODY be held responsible? The boy isn’t being punished. Why isn’t Anybody being punished??

  5. The Rescue Mission does a lot of great things and this is an on fortunate incident. These people are all volunteer. No matter what age. The GFPD are a fabulous group of people. Print some things positive for a change.

  6. Looks like most of those commenting here completely missed the point. This isn’t about the Rescue Mission or the GFPD, it’s about the Great Falls Tribunes ridiculous and unfounded claim that this had something to do with a Rescue Mission building project.

  7. Rick Tryon – There was no claim made by the paper. Unless asking a question is a claim in your mind. In my mind, that’s what reporters should be doing.

  8. I think we need a PRO at the Tribune, a Police Resource Officer, to review all cop related articles so that they pass inspection for Herr Capitan Jonny shaver! Sheesh. What a joke. Cops lie, including capitan shaver! It’s in their job description.


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