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As part of E-City Beat’s continuing effort to help our readers make informed decisions as voters we have sent questionnaires to all local candidates and will publish their responses starting the week after Labor Day.

Here’s the list of local state legislative candidates on the ballot this November and the four questions we asked:

  1. What do you see as the top two issues facing Montana and Cascade County in the next 5 years and why are you the best candidate for the district you’re running in to tackle those issues?
  2. Identify at least one issue you see as an opportunity to work across party lines on and describe how you will do that to accomplish what’s best for your constituents.
  3. Why is Cascade County/Great Falls so far behind other Montana cities and counties in growth and economic development and what do you plan to do about it as a legislator?
  4. Do you think we need some form of a sales tax or other solution in Montana to help offset property taxes and why or why not?

Senate District 11 – Tom Jacobson (D) vs. Adam Rosendale (R)

Senate District 12 – Carlie Boland (D) vs. Steven Galloway (R)

Senate District 13 – Brian Hoven (R) vs. Bob Moretti (D) vs. Kevin Leatherbarrow (L)

House District 19 – Wendy McKamey (R) vs. Lynelle Melton (D)

House District 20 – Fred Anderson (R) vs. Keaton Sunchild (D)

House District 21 – Ed Buttrey (R) vs. Leesha Ford (D)

House District 22 – Lola Galloway (R) vs. Laura Dever (D)

House District 23 – Brad Hamlett (D) vs. Will Smith (R)

House District 24 – Barbara Bessette (D) vs. Mike McNamara (R)

House District 25 – Jeremy Trebas (R) vs. Jasmine Krotkov (D)

House District 26 – Casey Schreiner (D) vs. Michael Cooper (R)

Stay tuned for their responses.

Coming up we’ll list the candidates for Cascade County offices and the questions we asked them.



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4 Replies to “Questions For Local Candidates”

  1. Almost real journalism until you got to #3. You scored 75%, a solid “C”.


  2. You forgot Libertarian Kevin Leatherbarrow for Senate District 13.


  3. Tim sounds like he is not aware that Great Falls/Cascade County DOES fall behind in Montana. Maybe he should be told about where Great Falls was in the 50s and 60s and at one time the biggest city in Montana. You don’t go from #1 to #3 without losing more than people.


  4. Please send me the survey for the candidates. ASAP Please send to;


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