School Board Candidate Profile: Michael Nagel

Hello Great Falls residents, 

My name is Michael Nagel and I am running for the Great Falls Public School Board. I have Montana roots for several generations and looking forward to several more to come. I have been married to Kendal my wife for 10 years. Kendal is GFPS School Registered Nurse at North Middle School, and we have 3 children all in the GFPS district. We are blessed to live in the state of Montana and enjoy it thoroughly. 

I work for the Veterans Affairs as a Registered Nurse here in Great Falls and am also a Veteran working at the Montana Air National Guard for past 19 years. I enjoy educating my children about the outdoors and try to maximize outdoor activities all year long. It is important for my wife and I to be a positive influence on our community. We love America, and the freedoms that living here allows us to experience. 

I am running for the GFPS School Board to ensure there is a well-balanced and conventional approach to our children’s education. As a father of 3 in the GFPS school system I am directly impacted by the education being provided to our youth. It has been said politics are downstream of culture, so I would like to take part in cultivating a healthy, accepting culture in our schools by overseeing fact-based curriculum representing wholesome, American family values. 

I appreciate your consideration and humbly ask for your vote this May for the position of GFPS School Board Trustee. 

Michael Nagel

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  1. Stephen A. McClary April 23, 2022 at 11:03 AM

    I want to know your position regarding using the public school systems for social engineering. I want to know your position regarding the reasons that such a huge percentage of GFPS students/graduates are not college prepared in math, sciences and reading proficiency.
    I want to know what you hope to do to remedy these concerns.


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