Sen. Daines Responds To ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Hosted By MAFB

In a Tweet on Thursday afternoon Montana Senator Steve Daines responded to the resurfaced accounts of a ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for kids hosted by Malmstrom Air Force Base during Pride Week in 2021, calling the event “infuriating” and “distracting from the mission at Malmstrom”.

The story was originally reported on by The Western Journal in July, 2021.

The event at Malmstrom took place during the same approximate time period, Pride Week 2021, that the Great Falls Public Library hosted and promoted a ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ on their public YouTube Kids Place! channel.

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2 Replies to “Sen. Daines Responds To ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Hosted By MAFB”

  1. I was present at this commissioner’s meeting.
    The Great Falls Public librarian had to read the answers to the questions she had been asked weeks earlier, about her involvement in sponsoring a Drag Queen Story Hour for children. She claimed to have asked a staffer to take a Drag Queen Video down after being questioned about it at a Pachyderm Club meeting. She said at this meeting that she had not sponsored a Drag Queen event. I understand why she wanted to rush back to the library and change the video from public to private. She claims that this was a miscommunication. That a member of her staff thought she was supposed to take the video down, because Ms. McIntyre had felt threatened by being asked questions from Pachyderm Club members.
    Ms. McIntyre seemed ok about reading answers to these same questions at the commissioners meeting. Why the difference?
    The big elephant in the room is a vast reduction in library usage. Public libraries are dinosaurs. With technology advancing at such an exponential rate, with iPhones, iPads, lap tops, desk tops, etc., the library is an anachronism.
    Books are expensive to buy, and have to be maintained, repaired, or replaced. They have a shelf life.
    There are libraries online, as well as new and used books for sale online. These are less expensive than getting in your car, driving to the library, parking, walking through the smoke and urine (compliments of the homeless who hang out there) going into the library which is a Petri dish of diseases from the homeless who are encouraged to shelter
    there. Diseases like HIV, TB, Herpes, Hepatitis A, B, and C. Parasites like ring worm, hook worm, pin worm, body lice and hair lice. The homeless are unwashed and unvaccinated. But more threatening than spreading diseases and parasites to the public, our Great Falls Public Library is engaging in the “conditioning” of our young children’s minds. The library wants our children to think Drag Queens and same sex coupling is normal. There is nothing normal about LGBQT. Many of them are mentally ill, with a disproportionate number of suicides , and life threatening health issues stemming from anal sex, oral sex,etc. Is this uncomfortable to read? That’s because it is happening here in our community, it targeting our children, and we are standing by and allowing it. Even promoting it by allowing our library to create a culture war between the LGBQ and parents of our children.
    A library should remain neutral, politically. McIntyre is a “public” servant, paid by public taxpayers, not political entities. The homeless do not pay taxes. Additionally there is a rescue mission in GF that is geared to provide substantial help to the homeless. The public libraries should set an example, and tighten their belts like the public has had to do. With rising prices of gas, and food, taxes, tax payers do not need yet another tax levy to shoulder when struggling to stay afloat financially.
    This librarian asking for more money from already financially burdened tax payers is unconscionable and shows how “out of touch” McIntyre is with her community.
    I have never known public libraries to be so politically active and biased. Perhaps they are hoping to divert our attention from the proverbial elephant in the room. Public libraries have become little more than a multi million dollar tax burden to our community. I can think of better ways to spend $2.7 million.


  2. David Broadbent April 19, 2023 at 12:35 PM



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