Some Cartoon Comic Relief – Tryon & Houck



This cartoon was forwarded to E-City Beat anonymously. The obscenity notwithstanding, I think it’s quite funny and decided to publish it.

Consider it an introduction to a new regular feature we are launching – Comedy & Satire On E-City Beat.

If you are a budding cartoonist or satirist, send us your stuff. We prefer material with a local theme, like this one lampooning the winners from the recent Great Falls city commission election, Rick Tryon and Tracy Houck, but will also consider publishing humor touching on broader issues.



Posted by Philip M. Faccenda

Philip M. Faccenda is an AIA award-winning architect and planner. He is the Editor-in-Chief of E-City Beat.

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5 Replies to “Some Cartoon Comic Relief – Tryon & Houck”

  1. Michael J Winters November 18, 2019 at 4:39 PM

    I am not a prude by any stretch of the thought process– I hold the E-City Beat in high regard for straight talk on issues –These two folks are and will be City Commissioners—Now damn it it all stop the negative BS and start acting like grown up adults–OUR CITY COMMISSION DOES NOT NEED two commissioners acting like school tard chumps !!


  2. I agree with your comment Mike, but I think it is a false equivalency to put it on both of them. Tracy has taken the high road all the way through this, while Rick has shown only the attitude of a middle school bully.


  3. Sheilah Cunningham November 18, 2019 at 9:38 PM

    Not commenting on city commissioners. Is there a reason the for offensive colors on the back side of CMR. The lettering is not the correct colors. Is this being corrected?


  4. I like the e-City Beat and Always found the information useful, but to be honest this really is in bad taste. I’m looking forward to the positive changes Rick will be bring as a Commissioner, and being kept up on the local politics as it happens. I don’t like what has occurred in the past with the Commissioners and hope honesty and transparency will become the new normal.


  5. Mr. Tryon has accused every other Commissioner of secret, dishonest and criminal acts. If he is going to try to get anything done besides the whining and crying he’s been doing for the last couple years he’s going to need his Trump goggles.


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