The Pot Calls The Kettle Deplorable

Soon after the Great Falls Public School Districts operational levy failed School Board Trustee Ann Janikula took to her Facebook page to criticize and lambast E-City Beat Publisher and Editor, and longtime taxpaying citizen, Phil Faccenda for daring to have a dissenting view about the GFPS District, the school board, the levy, and Superintendent Lacey.

Janikula’s long and winding screed was filled with sanctimonious pearl clutching and faux proclamations of disbelief as if to say, “How dare anyone criticize or question our Dear Superintendent? It is forbidden!”. You can read Janikula’s scolding diatribe here, if she hasn’t taken it down by the time you read this.

We’re perfectly A-OK with Janikula’s, or anyone else’s, opinions even when they differ from those of writers on this blog. The thing we found interesting here is that Janikula took a screenshot of someone’s comment on our blog and used that as her strawman to indict and lash out at Faccenda and anyone else who disagrees with her and the District’s agenda. How disingenuous and dishonest of her.

We deleted the offensive comment in question within 24 hours of it being posted, which was when we became aware of it and were able to get a volunteer with administrative privileges to access and delete, because it did not meet our standards of public discourse.

But what we find most amusing is the comments on Janikula’s own post. Here is a little sampling which we found to be rather entertaining and informative:

Above you’ll see the very first comment on the page is from Rosenleaf who talks about being ‘civil’ to one another in the very same paragraph she implies that commenters on E-City Beat and apparently Faccenda are ‘scum’ and ‘Nazi sympathizers’ encouraged by President Trump. We’re not sure how else to read Rosenleaf’s kooky comment given the subject of Janikula’s post.

But notice the names of the first and last ‘Likes’ who associated themselves with Rosenleaf’s hateful comment – two GFPS school board Trustees, Jan Cahill and Ann Janikula. Is this the kind of sentiment we should tolerate from our elected public officials?

Here’s another:

So, in a post lecturing us about inappropriate, hateful personal attacks Ann Janikula ‘Likes’ a comment calling Phil Faccenda an ‘ignorant pig’ etc. Again, is this the kind of thinking a school board Trustee should be affirming and ‘Liking’?

“So, in a post lecturing us about inappropriate, hateful personal attacks Ann Janikula ‘Likes’ a comment calling Faccenda an ‘ignorant pig’ etc. Again, is this the kind of thinking a school board Trustee should be affirming and ‘Liking’?”

The other name that sticks out here is former Great Falls mayor Dona Stebbins, who many believe cost our city hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars due to her arrogance and incompetence in “leading” us into the Electric City Power fiasco and a half-million dollar lawsuit related to her having a citizen forcibly removed from a meeting.

And finally this gem:

“I am disgusted by the lack of integrity that man has when blogging…” says Tracy Houck, who has repeatedly lied to everyone in Great Falls, the media and the Commissioner of Political Practices. Tracy Houck, who was found guilty of and punished for violating the Montana Campaign Practices Act. Tracy Houck, who deliberately backdated official campaign finance documents in an effort to deceive the COPP and the public. Tracy Houck who has cheated, lied and behaved unethically repeatedly as a candidate and commissioner. Tracy Houck who had to have a letter of admonishment and warning from the City Attorney hand delivered to prevent her from further damaging our city in the shameful CDBG funding scam she was involved in.

She’s disgusted by someone else’s “lack of integrity”? Houck wins the Gold Medal in projecting her own lack of integrity on others.

Janikula’s post and the corresponding comments are a prime example of what’s wrong with the current crop of “leaders” in Great Falls – extreme hypocrisy, arrogance, incompetence, lack of judgement, political tribalism and unfortunately, plain old stupidity.

Did they really think we wouldn’t notice?

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16 Replies to “The Pot Calls The Kettle Deplorable”

  1. Lonnie Adkins May 23, 2018 at 8:53 PM

    Could you contact me directly by email tomorrow? I’d to set up a time discuss Ms Roseleaf’s public statements. ThanX!


  2. Thanks to the ECB for bringing the very unprofessional remarks and ” likes ” to these remarks made by the elected school board members concerning Phil Faccenda and others.
    It is time that these school board members either resign or be recalled. And Tamy Lacey, the school superintendent, needs to be fired or she needs to resign, plain and simple.
    The current school board and superintendent that continually bad mouth the taxpayers of this school district have no place in educating our children. You all are a bad example for our kids to look up to and follow.


  3. Don’t forget E city beat exposed how Laura Vukasin called me ignorant for asking about a buildings and grounds employee who drives his vehicle home to Stockett every night. The disdain this board and superintendent have for the taxpayers is astonishing.


  4. The whole Rosenleaf family likes to leave deplorable messages all over Facebook and other public forums. As former and current public school employees they should be ashamed of their ill-informed soap-boxing.


  5. Likened to the man who holds the most powerful office in the world (a man elected by the majority) Phil speaks for the majority of Great Falls voters who determined our recent school levy failure. Obviously, many agree with you on issues you discuss on E-City Beat. Inappropriate language used in a post on your blog was rightly condemned but re-used in approved context in a Ann Janikula Facebook article…her readers didn’t seem to mind.
    “Laden with profanity, riddled with stereotypes, laced with anger, completely disproportionate the situation”……Who makes up the rules?


    1. While I agree with some of what ecitybeat reports, your claim that Trump was elected by the majority of the citizens of the U.S.A. makes any opinion you have questionable and in need of fact checking. Fake news is for people who get their facts from the Fox entertainment channel. Don’t be so ignorant.


      1. Philip M. Faccenda May 25, 2018 at 1:57 PM

        Marty, I hope Keith cleared that up for and you can now trust our Facts as presented on E-City Beat, Central Montana’s only source of real news and critical commentary.


  6. Marty – do you know the Constitution and how Presidents are elected? If not, here is a refresher course, simplified. The people do not directly elect the President. The Electoral College does. See the 12th Amendment, under which every election since 1804 has been directed thereby. The candidate who wins a state receives the electoral votes allocated to that state. NOTE: there have been a few “faithless electors”, but very few. 270 electoral votes are required to win. 538 total are possible. 435 for the number of reps in the US House, 100 for the number of US Senators, and 3 for the District of Columbia. 270 represents 50% + 1. Trump won 30 states, more than half. He thereby won 306 Electoral votes, or roughly 57% of those available. While Hillary won more popular votes, that does not cut it. Trump won a majority of the states AND a majority of the Electoral College. So, yes, a majority, as defined in the 12th Amendment, the process by which a President is elected.


  7. Thanks Keith, for providing clarity to my statement regarding majority elections. Again, my point is that a majority determined the outcome of the last presidential election, just as a majority determined the outcome of the last Great Falls School levy election. These aren’t opinions but facts, not fake news but actualities. I’ve never watched Fox entertainment or any other news channel, nor am I ignorant. I read half a dozen newspapers daily, this blog, watch interesting people on Facebook, and enjoy quality conversations with quality individuals. Perhaps this is why I’ve not met you, Marty Tyler.


  8. Keith – I do know the process by which the president is elected. Perhaps Greg’s wording could have been more precise or maybe it was meant to solicit a response so you could validate Trump’s presidency. As to the subject of the school levy, for what it’s worth, myself and the majority of the people I have talked to (very unscientific) think that the administration has grown way beyond what it should be and those at the top are grossly overpaid and inept. Keep up the good work.


  9. Marty, knowing the process by which our president was elected, we understand that U. S. Presidents for many terms have been elected by the “majority” of Electoral votes. Ditto, regarding the term and meaning of “majority” concerning the outcome of Great Falls’ recent school Levy election; therein is the similarity of the function of this term. I wasn’t soliciting response or agreement, merely stating a fact. Another fact is that President Trump holds the most powerful office in the modern world. His presidency….and it appears you’ve over-stated your case regarding any favoritism I might have in his regard…is indeed valid, what we citizens, our congressmen and women, our politicians, and our media representatives have to deal with. Instead of jumping to conclusion, should any of us attempt to understand the perspective and reasoning of other points of view, we might come to profitable consensus instead of to disagreement and name calling. I didn’t vote for the recent school levy and, neither, did I vote for President Trump. You have full right to question my opinions, and I’ll answer you. Calling others “ignorant,” though, or of “questionable opinion,” while ignoring facts, goes along with Romans 2:1: “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things!”


  10. My nine year old great twin nieces were informed by their teacher that the annual school trip to Benton Lake will no longer be available because their parents voted down the levy. Why put that responsibility on non voter aged children. That teacher was out of line. I also watched CMRussells graduation via visionNet. I could hear the speeches very well. Besides having 4 associate principals, the speeches were very political. The new buildings were mentioned and how it costs to teach the students to get through 13 years of school. I graduated from a class well over 600. The two schools together didn’t graduate that many students. Less students should mean less costs. Just saying.


  11. Sounds like retaliation to me, and using the children on top of that. Also, as we reach the end of another school year, watch the paper. Each June, roughly a week or so after school ends, there is an article that lists the number of “retirees” from GFPS. This year might be worth seeing this list. But you know who you won’t see on that list? Non essential administrators (though deemed necessary by GFPS), excess personnel, and, wait for it…..Tammy Lacey.


  12. Pam – I so agree with your statement, and am sorry for the hurt feelings your nieces must have felt as their teacher blames their mother and father for taking away a fun activity. That is NOT acceptable behaviour from a school teacher!
    Good job for the teacher to ruin the end of the year joy for students by mouthing off about the failed levy!
    SHAME on this school administration for thinking that is OK!
    What ever happened to teacher’s compassion for their students? A good teacher would have worded things differently if there wasn’t enough funds saved for the outing. A good teacher might have scrambled together with parents, family and friends to raise the funds needed to give the children the trip they looked forward to. Not demonize their parents, or try to demoralize the students.
    I am livid that our school district is taking their political discord out on the innocent children to lash out at others.

    And to politicize an event like graduation to turn the triumph and successes of the graduates- to the school districts own agenda- to try to shame those who had differing opinions than they do? SHAME!
    Way to ruin a milestone event for some students, parents, family members and friends.

    My young grandson came home from school crying after the presidential election – after being told by his teacher in the classroom- that he was going to lose all his Mexican friends because Trump was just elected President. My grandson was sobbing thinking that his friends were going to be taken away from him. His little heart was broken for days.
    WHO DOES THAT to a CHILD? My daughter and son-in-law didn’t even vote for Trump, and the teacher was taking out political anguish on their youngest son.

    Maybe FOX news should be contacted by parents of students who have been basically victimized by the political garbage spewed towards their children at school. The hatred and anger towards those who use their freedom to vote their conscience that differs from that of the school district….. HAS GOT TO STOP!
    Again………I am livid that our school district is taking their political discord out on the innocent children!

    (I say FOX news because I doubt any other news media would care enough to care enough to even listen)


  13. Greg, I regret using the word “ignorant”. Re- reading my statement it sounds like something Fox News would say trying to put a spin in their favor on something. Having said that, I still strongly disagree that Trump got the majority of the public vote. I know how the Electoral system works but facts are facts, Clinton received 2 million more votes than Trump.


  14. Marty, as I said earlier, I acknowledge that Hillary got more popular votes, but that does not cut it. Fact: Hillary had more popular votes. Fact: Electoral College votes count. Hillary did not win. If you know how the electoral system works for a presidential election, then why are we having this discussion? Fact: Donald Trump is President because the system works. So I wonder, do you like Clinton News Network (CNN)?


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