Too Many Generals, Not Enough Soldiers?

Did you know that the number of administrators employed by the Great Falls Public School District is now one more than it was at this time last year? The number of administrators, which includes school principals, has gone from 42 to 43 with a reported salary cost of $4.2 million.

This was confirmed by GFPS Superintendent Tammy Lacey in an email to a citizen dated January 16, 2018:

“I confirm that the number of administrators increased by one but contend that the quantity of work and more importantly, the quality of the work…are worth adding to the administrative footprint.” – Tammy Lacey, January 16, 2018

“I confirm that the number of administrators increased by one…”

If you figure in the standard multiplying factor of 1.5 used by most employers to calculate the actual cost of employees that comes out to around $6.3 million.

Maybe it’s time to consider whether the GFPS has too many high-paid generals and not enough boots on the ground. It appears they are not hearing our message to cut back on administration costs.

Maybe the taxpayers need to send that message a lot more loudly and a lot more clearly this May 8th when it comes time to vote on the school tax increase.


  1. Just like the federal government….bloated. No doubt the “assistants, assistant to the assistant” positions can go. How many “assistant superintendents” are there? How many do we actually need? Then again, when you keep shaking down the real taxpayers, you can create all kinds of “positions.”

  2. Seems to be common culture here. When working at GFCMSU every admin had an assistant. The administrators couldn’t even manage outlook to schedule appointments that is what the assistants did! We always were told from the CFO that the main concern was paying the salaries and health insurance for faculty and staff! I guess when you get to the top of the totem pole you get the perks of not doing your job and having an assistant!


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