University Of Portland Removes Corps Of Discovery Statue

After we published our two opinion pieces from this week (Should Lewis & Clark’s Names & Statues Be Removed? and Pastor Collins Responds To Lewis & Clark Statue Question) concerning statues and monuments memorializing Lewis and Clark, a reader posted in our comments section this link to an article in the online Oregonian dated June 17, 2020:

The article states, “The University of Portland has removed one figure from its Captain William Clark Monument on its North Portland campus.”

After a little further digging we discovered an update to the statue removal on the KBND Radio Regional News website which states, “The University of Portland has removed the statue of explorer William Clark from its campus.  The school took down the statue yesterday along with the corresponding statues depicting his slave, York, and an indigenous person.  University officials say the statue has been vandalized recently and that it was time for the statues to come down anyway.

The KBND news piece is dated June 19, 2020, two days after the Oregonian article date.

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  1. The Parks Dept. temporarily removed the wood carving commemorating the Lewis and Clark expedition that was located in the park north of the Mitchell pool. About 15 years ago. I last saw it on a pallet in their parking lot. That’s how it’s done.


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