Update: Cascade County Sheriffs Office Investigation


E-City Beat has learned from several reliable sources close to the investigation into the Cascade County Sheriffs Office that the suspected wrongdoing is far more serious than  “irregularities with regard to some purchases” as Cascade County Attorney Josh Racki stated in a recent press release.

According to our sources, there is a very high probability that a high ranking official at the sheriffs department will be formally charged with a felony, and soon. In addition, at least one other former CCSO employee will also soon be charged with theft of financial or other resources.

Our information and multiple confidential sources are very reliable and we believe the facts, when they are provided to the public, will prove them to be accurate. Stay tuned.

E-City Beat will continue to dig into this and all matters of local importance which for far too long have been glossed over, ignored and minimized by the so-called “news media” in this community.

Local public officials and institutions will be called out and held accountable. That is our promise and resolution for 2019.



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3 Replies to “Update: Cascade County Sheriffs Office Investigation”

  1. Muck raking self-promotion.


  2. Tim- It’s not muckraking if it’s true. Do you know it’s not true? Wouldn’t you rather be rubber than glue? I’ve also heard from state law enforcement friends some time ago that there are significant charges coming forward. No details though, but surprise over how long it’s taken to make the news.


  3. After reflecting on the story over the last few days, I may agree a little bit with Tim. By not providing any detail as to who has been suspended and walked off of CCSO property we have left open many to baseless corruption contemplation by the community. All employees are now suspected of wrongdoing by their acquaintances anytime their car is at home during the day when it is expected they should be at work. By leaving questions unanswered many innocent are being passively muck raked.

    I don’t fully understand keeping facts quiet if they are true. If allegations turn out to be false then report that too, the people closest to these individuals already know who they are so most of any unjust damage is already done. Another story here is why does it take the state near a year to investigate and or charge a paper trailed crime? Is it General Fox’s office who is letting this nonsense drag out for our community?


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