We ARE Paying For The Library Levy Election

Opinion by Jeni Dodd

There are a number of folks out there claiming that the Library Foundation, not the taxpayers, are paying for the library levy election. Not true — Great Falls taxpayers ARE footing the bill for this special election.

I suspect the misconception stems from Library Director McIntyre stating that the library is paying for the election out of the library fund, without explaining how the library fund is funded. Here’s the truth about who is paying for the library levy election. It is NOT the library foundation.

I was at the City Commission meeting on Feb 21 where this was discussed. If anyone wants to see for themselves, it starts at @00:54:40 in the video. https://greatfallsmt.viebit.com/player.php?hash=DRnM1d78NoUA

Commissioner Hinebauch asked Library Director McIntyre who is paying for the June levy election. McIntyre stated, “The library fund.”

Commissioner Tryon then asked for clarification about where the library fund comes from.

Melissa Kinzler, the city’s financial officer, launched into a detailed description of the various sources, all of which are taxpayer-funded.

Then Commissioner Tryon stated, “I guess the answer to that would be that the library fund is a taxpayer-funded fund. It comes from local taxpayers. In other words, it’s not a fund that the library raises independently or through the Library Foundation or some other entity.”

“Correct,” answered McIntyre.

Posted by Jeni Dodd

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