95% Of ‘YES For Library’ Funds Spent Out Of State – 80% Raised From 2 Donors

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According to the latest financial report filed with the Montana Office of Political Practices the Great Falls ‘Vote YES For Libraries’ campaign committee has raised $119,350.65 so far.

$95,000 of that total amount came from two donors:

$55,000 from Brandon Olds, Great Falls – RIGHT OF WAY SUPERVISOR STATE OF MT HIGHWAY DEPT

$40,000 from Douglas Little, Great Falls – SELF EMPLOYED

Of the $119,350.65 raised so far, 95%, $108,685 has gone to an out-of-state political consulting and campaign media strategy company called Cerillion N4 Partners in Seattle, Washington.

You can look up all of the campaign contribution and expenditure data here.

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4 Replies to “95% Of ‘YES For Library’ Funds Spent Out Of State – 80% Raised From 2 Donors”

  1. Tim Dallacqua June 1, 2023 at 12:38 PM

    Iam not sure what your purpose is in bringing this up like. I believe you have a point but I think it is obscured


  2. The point is that liberals have the money to push into our elections. The more money the campaign has, the more advertising can be done to sway voters.


    1. Excuse me? Gianforte, Steve Daines, Matt Rosendale, Ryan Zinke, Troy Downing? I don’t recall these individuals as being particularly liberal.


  3. Most of the printing in political campaigns, including Republicans, goes to out of state publishers.


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