Where’s Deletin’ Dave Sherman When You Need Him?

An alert (and angry) reader alerted us to this item on KRTV’s Facebook page earlier today, the comments below the news item are what caught the readers, and our, attention:

So we have to ask, where was KRTV online news director Dave Sherman for this one? After all, Deletin’ Dave has gained quite the reputation around town for being real quick with the delete button and block function for comments and commenters as he’s directin’ that online news for KRTV.

Just ask the many folks who have had their comments blocked or opinions deleted on KRTV’s Facebook page if their comments were as bad or insulting as what you see here.

“Judge fagg lmfao!”

“Such a fagg”

“What a fagg !”

Yeah, hilarious huh?

Yet those comments remain after at least 6 full hours. How is this kind of juvenile mockery in any way appropriate? What is KRTV’s standard for deleting and blocking their viewers and readers opinions and comments? Because as far as we can tell it’s kind of arbitrary and depends more on Deletin’ Dave Sherman’s political views and agenda than on any kind of common sense or fair standard.

KRTV has the right to block and delete anything they see fit. Unfortunately, it appears that these kind of juvenile comments against a Republican candidate are exactly the kind of garbage that KRTV deems appropriate.

We’re asking for folks to go ahead and let us know if they’ve been blocked or deleted by Deletin’ Dave and KRTV. Just post your story here or on our Facebook page.



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