Who Goes Down For The Count, Voters Or Commissioners

Professional wrestling returns to Great Falls, with the top card match beginning Tuesday at 9:30 AM December 12 in the EXPO Park arena.

The tag team match pits the Mayhem Boys against the team of Saint Joans of Arc in an epic struggle to determine who runs the Cascade County Elections office. It looks to be a down-for-the-count exciting event of which we have not seen in quite a few years.

What makes this contest unique is that a team of two men, Briggs and Larson, will be going tooth and nail against a team of two women, Merchant and Grulkowski. At this point we do not know who will be doing the announcing, but it should be worth the price of admission for sure.

Fans of both teams are lining up to provide plenty of hoots and hollers.

Backing the Boys are the Great Falls School District, the local Democratic Party, and Election Protection Committee. The Saint Joans are backed by over 14,000 voters and the vast majority of Republicans.

There will be no pre match before the main event, so get there early. At this point we do not know if beer and corn nuts will be available.

Posted by Philip M. Faccenda

Philip M. Faccenda is an AIA award-winning architect and planner. He is the Editor-in-Chief of E-City Beat.

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