Thumbs up, GFPS

Way To Go, GFPS

Say what you will about the School Trustees, but a majority of them seem to be very tuned in to public sentiment. Last night, the School Board rejecte...
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Pizza Baron
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  • Richard Smith
    Bozeman, Montana: Sanctuary City?
    I'm a strong supporter of Bozeman or any community becoming a sanctuary city. It was only after the meetings that I became aware of the efforts and proposal put forth…
  • Jeni Dodd
    Responding To An Angry Reader
    Great Falls Tribune isn't a NEWSpaper anymore. It's an opinion purveyor. I went to their website tonight and the first item that popped up on the page was "Linda Caricaburu…
  • Lt. Colonel (Retired, Army) Richard Liebert
    Responding To An Angry Reader
    I'll be up front folks, I'm a Teddy Roosevelt Progressive and I consider E-City Beat a vital asset to a vigorous discussion and debate about our local community and it's…
  • Randy Glick
    Responding To An Angry Reader
    These are the same people who declared that Trump wasn't their president and won't let go of that bone. Do as I say not as I do!
  • Michael J Winters
    Cracking The River City Echo Chamber
    Perhaps time has arrived to remember the commission between Donna and Bob--time to remember the accomplishments and gained public trust on the rebound and a more positive attitude beginning to…
  • Gregg Smith
    Cracking The River City Echo Chamber
    Great piece.
  • Jeni Dodd
    Cracking The River City Echo Chamber
    "Well where was CITY staff, especially Park and Recreation staff, to OPPOSE the PLUNDERING of virtually EVERY city department fund to illegally finance Electric City Power in clear VIOLATION of…
  • Jeni Dodd
    Cracking The River City Echo Chamber
    Great assessment Philip. I agree wholeheartedly.
  • Steve Gillespie
    Cracking The River City Echo Chamber
    Undeniable proof, that this article is correct, is the invisible pigeon rookery we have on the corner of 6th Street and Central Avenue.
  • Richard D. Liebert
    Cracking The River City Echo Chamber
    I went to the city commission 2017 retreat link and clipped out this problematic statement that's directly related to presentation on establishing - yes MORE money from taxpayers - a…

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