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Several readers have stated that the Rob Quist campaign signs are not supposed to be on any “public” property, period. Regardless of my pe...
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  • concerned citizen
    Outside Looking In
    "Cadastral also shows it was built in 1900, and has no elevator…" This statement implies that because some information on the Square is incorrect on Cadastral , then other information…
  • Aspen
    Outside Looking In
    Cadastral also shows it was built in 1900, and has no elevator... I found several references to partial County ownership, and it makes sense, as I was trying to determine…
  • Anonymous
    Outside Looking In
    The Northerner article contains some incorrect information: In the article it states: “…Cascade County became part owner of the facility….” Montana Cadastral Survey & county tax information online lists the…
  • Steven Pike
    Fox News Report: Gianforte Also Punched Guardian Reporter
    "Keith and I watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, "I'm sick…
  • RJ Haffner
    CDBG Records
    Gregg- There is no formula for allocating money just a scoring system to help the CDC rank applicants and provide some framework for discussions. My issue is that there is…
  • Gregg Smith
    CDBG Records
    If I had the time and inclination (I have neither), I would take the score sheets and recalculate the first vote based on the CDC's stated procedure: "To avoid any…
  • RJ Haffner
    CDBG Records
    Anon- I agree that Wolfe participating in the discussion is troublesome but I think that Houck involving herself in the process and lobbing members is much more corrosive to the…
  • Anon
    CDBG Records
    I see your point RJHaffner but am assuming that since the rules you note state that anyone with a conflict of interest shall not score, and the person with the…
  • anonymous
    Fox News Report: Gianforte Also Punched Guardian Reporter
    Not condoning violence but it's a bit suspicious that this happened the night before the election. A liberal reporter barging into a private interview, shoving a recorder into Gianforte's face…
  • Lt. Colonel (Retired, Army) Richard Liebert
    Fox News Report: Gianforte Also Punched Guardian Reporter Gianforte refused to answer Guardian reporter twice, but on second Guardian attempt, Gianforte reconsidered, probably after some media advice. If he gets to Congress, he have to hold REAL…

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