3 Questions For Great Falls City Commission Candidates


Earlier this week E-City Beat sent the following email to all six of the Great Falls city commission candidates.

Greetings candidates,

Thank you to those who submitted candidate profiles last month. E-City Beat would like to give each of the candidates another opportunity to let the community know a few details about your positions on three specific issues.

If you’re interested in having your answers to these question published by E-City Beat, unedited and without editorial comment, please respond in MS Word format by Tuesday, October 1st. Please keep your response to 600 words or less.

Thank you and good luck.

Philip Faccenda
Editor/Publisher E-City Beat

  1. What do you consider to be the most important issue for Great Falls right now and if elected how would you respond to it. Please be as specific as possible by describing why you consider the issue to be the most important and the action you feel is necessary to address it?
  2. Do you or any of your immediate family members, business partners, employer, or employees hold any positions, professional or volunteer, recent past or present, that would constitute a conflict of interest, or appearance thereof, for you while conducting city business as a commissioner? If so how would you deal with the potential conflict?
  3. Do you consider the current relationship between the city commission and the citizens of Great Falls to reflect an adequate level of mutual trust, respect and engagement and how would you improve that relationship?

Last month we requested candidate profiles from each of the candidates and published the four that returned submissions. Jasmine Taylor and Tracy Houck didn’t respond.

We hope all of the candidates will answer the three questions asked here so that our readers and the public at large can become more fully informed voters in this November’s municipal election.





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