Maclean-Cameron Animal Center Expenses More Than Revenue


An E-City Beat reader in Great Falls forwarded a mailing that he/she received last week from the Maclean-Cameron Animal Adoption Center soliciting contributions to the local non-profit organization.

We have two observations:

First, if they are in need funds maybe they could start to find some savings by not sending out 3-page, heavy stock, glossy full color mailings only printed on one side of each page.

Second, why would Great Falls city commissioners go behind closed doors to draft a joint mission statement, work on a lease agreement and secretly work to form a partnership between MAAC and Great Falls taxpayers when the non-profit openly states that, “…our expenses are more than our revenue”?


Tread carefully, Great Falls city commission. Remember Electric City Power?



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  1. I don’t understand why they are messing with this shelter! Don’t we already have a city Animal Shelter? Maybe we should put money towards that animal shelter and not mess with this other business that is upside down. I don’t understand why were hell-bent to bail them out.


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