Candidate Profile: Michael K. Cooper Sr. (R) HD 26

Editor’s note: This is another in our series of profiles for local legislative candidates. Each state House and Senate candidate in the Great Falls area was given the opportunity to submit, in their own words, a brief profile outlining why they’re running, what party they represent and why they are the best candidate for the position. You can see the full list of local candidates here.

Democrat Casey Schreiner is the other candidate in House District 26 and did not respond to our request for a profile.

I am running for office because I have been on the side lines most of my life. Now that I am older and have raised my kids and, have more time to contribute to joining others is trying to stop gov’t overspending and out of control property taxes. There are many reasons to run for office and I could fill up this page with reasons but, to try to make gov’t accountable for their spending and why our state debt is out of control.

I am Republican.

I have worked for approximately 45 years and have seen the good (prosperous) times and the lean times and have seen politicians seem to talk a good story to get elected and when they get there they forget about their commitment to the people. I am one who is truthful to my God and to myself and know where I stand on most issues and I think I can do the job that most elected people fail to do.

I have been an employee and business man and have seen both sides of life in general. I’ve been thru the good times and bad, People are willing to keep to there commitments when pressured, but I will. I think people know how to keep and invest their money better than the gov’t. I believe I have the balance and judgment to make the good decisions that will benefit Montana’s to have a better and more prosperous life.

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