Candidate Profile: Mike ‘Mac’ McNamara (R) HD 24

Editor’s note: This is another in our series of profiles for local legislative candidates. Each state House and Senate candidate in the Great Falls area was given the opportunity to submit, in their own words, a brief profile outlining why they’re running, what party they represent and why they are the best candidate for the position. You can see the full list of local candidates here.

Democrat Barbara Bessette is the other candidate in House District 24 and did not respond to our request for a profile.

The people of Great Falls, Cascade County, and Montana deserve the most experienced people to represent their needs and desires. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” So it stands to reason that if you elect representatives casually, without looking at their knowledge, skills, abilities and values, you won’t get the best people for the job. I have spent my entire adult life in the passionate service of others.

I’m running as a Republican because my values align with the Republican platform. I believe our state is unique because of our constitution and our citizens. I believe in political and economic freedom. I believe that our people are the owners of our country and that government derives it powers from us, not the other way around; and that we are the best stewards of our rich natural resources. I believe we can revitalize Great Falls, our county, and our state, creating well-paying jobs to improve our lives and stem the loss of our young people to other states.

I believe in living within our means, limiting debt to manageable levels, balancing our budgets, and reducing the burden of taxation on everyone – especially those struggling. We are a state of abundant harvests and we must support our farmers and ranchers – they are also leading the way in conservation. We should responsibly use the energy sources we have been given in ways that do not harm our environment – always remembering that future generations will rely on a clean environment. We need to safeguard Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and improve on the provision of healthcare to those in need, suffering from addiction and mental illnesses. We need to make government work for the people of our great State and our Nation.

We must also honor our tribal relationships. I believe in strong families, safe neighborhoods, the best education for our youth, and controlling college costs. I believe in freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. And I am committed to combating drug trafficking/abuse and human trafficking. Last, I believe that we should all come together in respectful civil debate and be kind to each other, rather than using hateful speech.

I am a retired military officer, a decorated, disabled, combat veteran. I’ve served the people of America for 23 years fighting against our enemies to keep us safe. I’ve taken on difficult missions in the worst places and conditions, and gotten the job done! Of all the places I could have retired I chose Montana – “glory of the west” – because my values are Montana values.

As a financial planner I have helped thousands of Montana families reach for their dreams and achieve financial independence. I am a husband, a father, a grandfather and a sportsman, so I care deeply about the future of Montana and our progeny. I will represent HD 24 with honor and integrity, and resolutely stand up for its interests in the face of adversity. I give you my word.

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