“Gag me”, Local United Way Coordinator Says About GOP Candidates


We applaud and appreciate the great work United Way of Cascade County does for our community yearly in raising money for important local organizations and causes. Kudos to them, their work is vital.

But we have to wonder why one of their top paid employees, Volunteer Program Coordinator Lynette Scriver-Colburn, would jeopardize opportunities to raise funds from potential donors by being so blatantly partisan in a public forum.

If you’re one of the thousands of Gianforte or Stapleton voters/supporters and you see the Volunteer Program Coordinator for United Way of Cascade County responding publicly to your candidate, saying “Gag me”, would you be inclined to donate to United Way? Or would you find another charity to give to?

Does Scriver-Colburn have the right as a private citizen to express her partisan opinions publicly? Of course. Is it wise to do so when you’re name is known and you are a paid representative of a non-profit trying to raise money?

This isn’t the first time Scriver-Coburn has allowed her personal political views to be displayed publicly in a way that seems counterproductive to her employers interests. Last year she attempted to intimidate a local business owner and discourage him from advertising with another local business – E-City Beat. You can find the details here.

We encourage folks to donate to worthy causes like United Way of Cascade County, you can find out how to do that here. We also encourage non-profits like United Way and their employees to exercise a little more wisdom and a little less partisan vitriol in their public statements.



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4 Replies to ““Gag me”, Local United Way Coordinator Says About GOP Candidates”

  1. Pretty weak. What’s your feelings about Ivana and Kellyanne politicking on the taxpayer dime?


  2. Bill, do you mean like all politicians do? I think it sucks, whether a “D” or an “R.”


  3. Gregg – Kellyanne and Ivana are not politicians. They are appointees/hires who continually violate the Hatch act despite knowing it is illegal.


  4. Scriver-Coburn is a private citizen and unless she claims her politics are the same as the United Way so what? Ivana is the Donalds’ first wife, I should have said Ivanka. Can’t keep the grifters straight.


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