Is Big Sky Cheese First Step To Slaughterhouse, Or Badly Needed Development?


On Monday we received an email with the following letter from GFDA President/CEO Brett Doney to the Cascade County Zoning Board of Adjustment attached. The letter is concerning the permit application for the proposed Big Sky Cheese plant which the ZBOA will be considering this coming Thursday, June 27th. You can also view and download the letter here GFDA ZBOA letter.

“The proposed project will be criticized for being the precursor of something too big. However, all that is before you today is this one proposed project.” – Brett Doney

Doney’s comment here seems to be the crux of the issue. But there’s also plenty of very interesting reading in Doney’s letter revealing the true state of our current local economy.

This will continue to be a very hot issue in the months to come. Let us know what you think in the comments section or on our Facebook page.



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12 Replies to “Is Big Sky Cheese First Step To Slaughterhouse, Or Badly Needed Development?”

  1. Of course it’s the precursor to disaster. While every other state that has this type of industrial Ag is either trying to reign them in or prevent them altogether, along comes a Doney to welcome them! Incredible. The man is a real piece of work.


  2. Larry, You accuse everyone of being dishonest, and then you start your comments at the public meeting with a bold face lie.

    You claimed to have been “walking by and saw the meeting…”

    You’re “all-star” poster over at the Great Falls Area Concerned Citizens Group Facebook page and you darn well knew the time, date and location of the meeting.

    Your racist filled rhetoric and that ridiculous and theatrical stunt at the podium was an embarrassment for all Montanans.

    You certainly showed all the out of state attendees “how we do things in Great Falls”.


  3. Does Joseff Publik also show “out-of-staters” “how we do things in Great Falls?” Those who fear to use their real names in public posts have more to be ashamed of than those they post about. Does cowardice better demonstrate the new Montana? Shame on you!


  4. Please Buy a Mirror July 1, 2019 at 2:38 PM

    Names are not required to post here, period.

    I do note how you don’t address the content of Joseff Publik’s statement Mr. Nickol. Why might that be? A personal attack in lieu of debate is an ugly look for you. Shame on you!


  5. To publicly post anything absent personal identification, unless doing so jeopardizes life or safety, invalidates personal opinion, which, if worthy of its cause, should be worth identifying by ownership. It is cowardly to criticize another person publicly while refusing to identify yourself. I don’t know Larry Krajl, I don’t know that his public statements are “bald face lies,” I don’t know what Joseff Publik claims Larry knows, I don’t know that that Larry Krajl is “racist, ridiculous, theatrical or an embarrassment for all Montanans.” I do know that he is confident enough in his own beliefs and opinions to identify himself as their author. Please Buy a Mirror, on the other hand, you lack credibility if only by your refusal to identify yourself. Shame on You! There is no debate on matters we know nothing about personally. Surely, you recognize the fact that Montanan’s public posts identify those Montanans beliefs and conduct. Cowardice isn’t something most Montanans want to be known for.


  6. It was a joke, Joe. Just trying to lighten the proceedings. But I will tell you who is a liar. Freisen. Todd Hansen quit his organization because Freisen was “not transparent.” In other words, lying. And I agree with Hansen.

    Why am I a racist? There was only ONE group of religious folks at the meeting there to testify, the Hutterites. Why am I a racist to point that out? Richard Hopkins, one of the most intelligent and perceptive guys in the room, did an excellent job of explaining that we have no idea who the money people are that are behind Freisen’s plans. But he did an excellent job of connecting the dots. This looks as if it’s a Hutterite endeavor from start to finish. I’ve always thought it was, for they are basically the only beneficiaries.

    And I have a real problem with that. I wouldn’t care if they were Lutherans or Buddhists. But I have a big problem with my tax money being given in the form of a loan to a religious group. And it’s NOT racist to point out that they are the only religious group that has 340 colonies in Canada, and 180 colonies in Alberta alone. We have fifty in Montana, and another fifty in South Dakota. It’s not racist to point out that they raise ninety-five percent of the hogs in this state. God knows how many in Canada and South Dakota. It’s not racist to point out that they would be the big winners with slaughter plant at our expense. Freisen’s vision of “growing Ag” in Montana suspiciously looks as if his real intention is promoting the growth of more and more colonies and CAFOs. That’s a discussion we really need to have before we start down that road.

    Alberta is full up. Montana is next. Do we really want 180 colonies too? Is it really racist to suggest that we must have a serious and all inclusive conversation and debate about all this before we allow a guy from Canada to come down here and determine our future, a future that consists of endless CAFOs? These things have basically made Iowa uninhabitable. There is essentially no clean air or water left in the state. Disease is rampant. And all other states are fighting like hell to keep them out!

    This is an extremely important issue. The county has done everything they could think of to take the public out of the process. But you know, I always thought that zoning laws were designed to protect the interests of the people most affected, NOT to screw them over. That is why most of the people of Great Falls are outraged. They are well aware that a giant mega slaughter plant would be the beginning of the end for the city we love. All we ask is a fair fight. Let’s have an honest debate. No more of this underhanded back room dealings. And after that debate, if the majority wants to turn our community and region into a polluted toilet, well so be it. It’s settled, and I’ll admit defeat.

    But racist I’m not. Like the one Hutterite fella said, if you don’t like it, start your OWN dairy. That’s world class chutzpah! Guess I would if I had 440 colonies behind me and a 2.3 million dollar loan from the GFDA!


  7. That can’t have been the REAL Larry Kralj. There were no CAPS!



  8. SORRY, GREGG! Used up all my caps at the meeting……and nearly got arrested in the process. But those two deputies were really cool. Very professional guys. I thanked them after the meeting for not throwing me in the slammer. City cops probably would have. County LE is much more in tune with the public.


  9. Larry pulled the same schtick at the Smith River Forum. This time the only thing missing was the “F*CK CANADA” chant.

    He finally shut up was when he realized they were from the sheriff department and he couldn’t berate them like he did the security guards at the other forum.

    Thankfully, nobody wants to upload any video of his stunt and extend this wingnut’s 15 minutes of fame.


  10. Christ you’re a simpleton. For the record though, Joe anonymous dude, my fifteen minutes of fame is going on about thirty years now. How bout yours?!


    1. P.S. The video that you’re referring to was filmed by some MINING INDUSTRY broad! Hell, I had no idea that I was being filmed. Good lord man! I just went there to get in industry’s face! The dumb broad that filmed the encounter put it on the Black Butte site in order to make me look bad. But guess what happened? People LOVED it! It was gaining ten thousand hits an hour until they finally pulled it! It was up to two hundred thousand hits in a couple of days! I had no idea. Someone called me and said that you’re going viral. I said what the hell does that mean?

      So you see, Joe, we can’t all be as smart as you. I think I’ll just keep on going for another thirty years of fame! Enjoy.

      By all means, Joe, go viral little fella!……….if you can!


  11. Nope, wrong again Larry (a.k.a. Sue Kralj, a.k.a the Eco-Ranger, a.k.a Redneck Hippie).

    This is what I’m talking about:

    The Smith River forum thing was two years ago. Glad to see your changed your shirt.


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