An Angry Reader Blasts Us For Supporting Ed Buttrey

Sen. Ed Buttrey

We received an email recently from “Carl” in Bozeman, who did not take kindly to our, in his words, “juvenile hit piece on Greg Gianforte.”

Carl writes:

You people are pathetic. I heard there was a new conservative blog in MT (desperately needed!!) only to see your juvenile hit piece on Greg Gianforte–who unlike Democrat Ed Buttrey-is actually a CONSERVATIVE!!!! You should team up with Montana Cowpie and then go ahead and support Buttrey for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!!

While amusing, and not dissimilar to another commenter who labeled us “libtards,” Carl’s email is worth highlighting, because this “Buttrey is a Democrat” narrative is a real thing among those on the far-right. At the Cascade County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner on Saturday, GOP Congressional candidates were asked policy-specific questions along the lines of, “How will you support President Trump’s agenda while in Congress?” When it was Buttrey’s turn, he was essentially asked why he is running as a Republican when he is really a Democrat. Classy.

Here’s something we don’t understand about this argument: Buttrey first ran for the Legislature in 2010, in SD 13, then a blue district previously held by Democrat Joe Tropila. Part of this area, on the House side, was at the time represented by long-time Democrat, Bob Mehlhoff. If Buttrey were really a Democrat, then why would he file as a Republican in a district where voters traditionally punched blue tickets? To make it harder on himself?

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11 Replies to “An Angry Reader Blasts Us For Supporting Ed Buttrey”

  1. Ed Buttrey, unlike so many politicians from both parties, appears to put the state of Montana first and his party second. That is what all elected officials should be doing. I fully support Mr. Buttrey.


  2. Last I checked our Reps and Sens take an oath to uphold our MT and U.S. Constitution, not a political party platform.

    Last I checked they’re supposed to serve and pledge loyalty to ‘We the People’, not ‘We the Republicans and Conservatives’ or ‘We the Democrats and Liberals’ or ‘We the Unions’ or ‘We the Tea Party’.

    As far as I can tell, Ed Buttrey has always done what he thinks is best for his constituents and the people in our state, not what he thinks is best for his own political career or the GOP. Frankly I couldn’t care less about some anonymous dude from Bozeman and his subjective notions about what a Republican should be. Thank God folks like that don’t get to decide who runs as a Republican or Democrat.

    I know Ed, he’s a good man and I support him.


  3. Ed Buttrey is one of the most honest people I have ever served with. It’s always constitutes first, state then the party. It works for me


  4. Proud to support an honest politician like Ed Buttrey. He absolutely has my support.


  5. Lori Egan Hamm March 2, 2017 at 7:32 PM

    I watched Ed in the legislature since 2011 and he is an incredibly competent, thoughtful, respectful, and hard-working public servant. He is by far the best choice to succeed Sec. Zinke and represent Montana’s diverse interests. He’s also one of the nicest guys around – a super example of the friendly, great people who populate this state!


  6. Lt. Colonel (Retired, Army) Richard Liebert March 3, 2017 at 12:10 AM

    Senator Buttrey is an honorable man and a fine candidate in our electoral process to challenge a worthy opponent and let that political discourse be constructive.


  7. Ed Buttrey is the best choice to replace Sec. Zinke . I have known Ed for thirty five years. He is a hard working, honest Montana man! Born and raised! enough said.


  8. I have concerns about Ed Buttrey. My concerns have nothing to do with his political affiliation.

    For one, I would like to know why Buttrey was the requester for Montana HB 224, which was introduced by Tom Jacobson on January 24, 2017. The bill would have changed Montana Code Annotated 15-6-203, which deals with tax exemptions on properties owned by veterans organizations, by extending those tax exemptions to private entities that own properties leased or used by veterans organizations. In my opinion, it appears HB 224 would have directly benefited Buttrey, since his company, Buttrey Realty now owns the Eastside Vets on 10th Ave S.

    MCA 15-6-203 currently reads: A clubhouse, building, or land, ERECTED BY OR BELONGING TO any society or organization of honorably discharged United States military personnel that is used primarily for educational, fraternal, benevolent, or purely public charitable purposes rather than for gain or profit is EXEMPT FROM TAXATION. (emphasis added)

    HB 224 proposed the following changes: A clubhouse, building, or land erected, owned, RENTED, LEASED, or USED BY or belonging to any society or organization of honorably discharged United States military personnel that is used primarily for educational, fraternal, benevolent, or purely public charitable purposes rather than for gain or profit is EXEMPT FROM TAXATION. (emphasis added)

    I’m all for tax exemptions for property owned by veterans organizations as the MCA currently reads but HB 224, had it passed, would have extended the tax exemptions to private entities, which doesn’t seem to benefit the veterans organizations one bit. However, it surely could benefit the private property owner hosting a veterans organization.

    The bill was tabled in committee, but it would have given Buttrey Realty a tax exemption on the Eastside Vets property. It would have meant NO PROPERTY TAX on a property with a tax appraised value of more than $1.2 million owned by Buttrey’s for-profit company.

    Doesn’t it appear that Buttrey would have derived a benefit from a bill that he requested?


  9. Correction on my previous post–HB 224 introduced Jan 11, hearing Jan 24.
    Bill history at:$BSIV.ActionQuery?P_BILL_NO1=224&P_BLTP_BILL_TYP_CD=HB&Z_ACTION=Find&P_SESS=20171


  10. Ed always puts his community and Montana first. That’s hard to dispute.


  11. A guy who agrees with you on 8 out of 10 issues is not your enemy! Buttrey works his a$$ off, and is a good man. It’s easy to support him in this race.


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