Elevated Comment From The Trib Online

In today’s “The Edge,” the Tribune’s editorial board took issue with Republican Rep. Jeff Essmann’s opposition to a mail-in ballot for Montana’s U.S. House special election.

The Tribune raises a legitimate point, one we agree with:

Shouldn’t we want the most people, regardless of party, voting?

Commenter and occasional contributor to this blog, Rick Tryon, wrote the following:

‘Shouldn’t we want the most people, regardless of party, voting?…

…The counties still are reeling from the $3 million spent on the Nov. 8 general election, which was the most expensive statewide election on record, and are looking to find a way to cut costs in a special election to replace Zinke.

That seems smart to us.’

The problem with the GF Tribune opining and lecturing here is that they are being selective in their concern for wanting ‘the most people…voting’ and ways ‘to cut costs’ in elections.

The Trib editorial board raised no such concerns when the GFPS held a special bond election a month before the General Election last year costing tax payers an extra $25,000 or so and yielding a lower turnout than the General Election. [emphasis added]

Another Tribune double standard.

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2 Replies to “Elevated Comment From The Trib Online”

  1. I am not a Trump fan boy and on the surface his rants about “fake news” seem like hyperbole. When you read conflicting articles in your local paper, months apart about issues that you have personal knowledge of, you start to see Trump’s point. So was the Tribune’s position last fall “fake” or is their position this week “fake”?

    You are either for maximizing election turnout or you’re not. You are either for minimizing election costs or you’re not. You are either “fake news” or you’re not, it’s a choice and it’s clear on which side of the divide the Tribune’s integrity falls. The Trib is clearly crafting their reporting to affect a political outcome. I suspect the national media outlets act the same way about topics I have no personal knowledge of and therefore no way to easily evaluate.

    Congratulations to the Tribune on bringing me clarity and making Trump seem more presidential.


    1. Spot on. Brilliant observation sir. We are not being served well at all by what was once upon a time the best daily in MT.


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