Candidate Profile: Republican Fred Anderson

Fred Anderson is the GOP candidate and incumbent running for the Montana State Legislature in Great Falls/Cascade County HD20. His opponent is Democrat Samantha Rispens:

My name is Fred Anderson.  I was raised on a Montana ranch where I developed a strong work ethic and a well-defined set of values from my family.  In that setting, I learned to respect and work with diverse groups of people and the value of integrity.  I earned a Bachelor’s degree from Northern Montana College.  My Master’s degree and my PhD are from Colorado State University. 

I am a partner in the family ranch, have owned a small business, worked construction, operated heavy equipment and have served as a public school educator for over forty years.  My wife Vicky and I have three adult sons.  We enjoy spending time with our family, outdoor activities, sports and classic cars.

I am the best candidate to represent H.D. 20 because I am experienced in the legislative process, having served in the Montana Legislature since 2017.  I listen to constituent concerns and attempt to provide common sense solutions to address their needs, while treating everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve.  I study all bills presented and attend all committee meetings and floor sessions.

I have a PhD in Administration and Supervision and have served in leadership positions at local, state, and national levels.  My diverse experience, combined with a strong education foundation, provides me the insight to quantify the challenges facing our state while developing fiscally sound solutions.

During past legislative sessions, I have sponsored and carried bills in the legislature which have been signed into law by the Governor. These bills remove barriers for work based education and facilitate partnerships between business and public schools, remove barriers to controlling noxious weeds on private property, enhance funding for students with disabilities, make vaping and electronic alternatives to tobacco illegal in schools, promote anti-littering signage on highways and improve opportunities for horse racing in Montana.

I have received the Champion of Business award from the State Chamber of Commerce, the Silver Windmill award from the Montana Farm Bureau for each legislative session served. I am currently serving as the Vice Chairperson of the Education Interim Committee and served as the Vice Chairman of the Education Committee during the last legislative session.  These experiences can only benefit Great Falls, Cascade County and Montana.

Two of the top challenges facing our state and community are affordable housing and economic development:

The affordable housing issue does not have a “silver bullet” solution.  I believe the legislature will need to work with MACO and cities to review zoning regulations.  I also believe that supply issues and work force shortages have to be addressed.

Economic development is critical to Cascade County and Great Falls.  Ultimately, County Commissioners and the City Commission have final say on new industry; however, the legislature needs to continue to work to reduce regulations and create a more welcoming climate for new businesses. Continued progress on work force development is also an essential part of this process.  I will continue to work to create more expedient processes for agricultural producers to sell directly to consumers.

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