Sandra Merchant: GOP Candidate For Cascade County Clerk & Recorder

My name is Sandra Merchant and I am running for Cascade County Clerk & Recorder. I believe I can use my private sector experience to make this office more efficient, accountable, secure, and customer friendly.

With my experience being outside of government office, I can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to make improvements to the operation and hope to engage the people.  I believe our country was designed for citizens to be active and involved in their local government, and elected officials are there to serve them.

I have many years of working with customers, organizing groups and events, as well as keeping and submitting records for those groups. I am currently in Civil Air Patrol, teaching Character Development to the cadets.

I am originally from upstate NY where I had a horse business. I still have a horse and like to ride; I also enjoy many outdoor sports, especially on the water.

I have been a Medical Coder for about 10 years, handling private information and a variety of projects. I have to be flexible and able to move from project to project, sometimes more than once in a day. I have to know and adjust to different rules for each individual project.

My son attends a local high school and his 4 siblings are grown and have their own homes and lives. I enjoy visiting and doing things with them as much as possible.

The people of Cascade County will always be welcome in my office; that’s what we are there for. I will do all I can to be sure that any questions are answered and that their voices are heard. I will make public records available and encourage active participation in local government offices.

Election security is a big topic right now. I will do all I can to be sure we have fair, accessible, honest, and accountable elections. I will recruit and be sure people are thoroughly trained to assist with elections, including workers from all parties represented.

The goal of the County Clerk office will be honesty, efficiency, and customer service, with the good of the citizens and the county at the center. I plan to be a public servant, not a politician!

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