Candidate Profiles – Great Falls HD 22

Today we’re starting our series on local legislative candidates.

In House District 22 Democrat Jasmine Taylor is challenging GOP incumbent Representative Lola Sheldon-Galloway. Here is Rep. Sheldon-Galloway’s response and profile.

Ms. Taylor didn’t respond to our request.

Lola Sheldon-Galloway

Representative LOLA Sheldon-Galloway House District 22

I have lived my entire life in Cascade County. Growing up in Vaughn until my parents Earl and Irene Sheldon moved to the Greenfield bench in 1978, I was given so many opportunities to live in a safe and community-oriented environment. I work hard as an elected official to keep our communities safe and financially sound. My voting record will show that I stand behind the USA Constitution, the Republican Platform, and that I vote for what is best for the future of this state.

I give back to this community through volunteering wherever I can. I have helped organize the 4th of July parade since 2006 and have found great satisfaction in the working with individuals and local businesses that are so generous in our city. I look forward to a great parade in 2021. I have worked with local citizens in cleaning up the Sun Prairie area. In areas that need attention we get out our rakes, fill garbage bags with weeds and trash and then haul the garbage to the dump. I am currently working with the group “Citizens for Sun Prairie Park Improvements”. We would like to have a safe fun place for our families to come and entertain themselves.

I do not believe in putting the next generations in debt. I personally practice the law of save and then buy. My husband Steven and I have remodeled both our Dairy Queens, Great Falls Lumber and rental units after we have saved the money. (Northside 9th Street 2003,2019; Fox Farm 1990,2017; GFL 2001; rentals continuous). This practice gives us the leverage to pay our bills, thus, eliminating the pressure of guessing what our financial future will be. I believe government should do the same. Montana’s budget has the ability to pay cash and not have to borrow through bonding. This requires the practice of putting priorities/needs in place, not wants.

There is too big of a gap between relying on the government for assistance and being able to afford the same level of benefits to be self-reliant. Government handouts hold citizens down, preventing those that need help from taking an independent leap because they could risk losing their benefits. This ultimately limits citizens from prospering freely. Being self-employed, benefitting from one’s own hard labor and being able to keep as much of that profit for ourselves and our families is the best way to becoming self-reliant and free.

I support small business, free enterprise and capitalism over “government funded” projects. I have ideas on how to lift the income level in Great Falls and have tried

to solve this but have hit many roadblocks with federal requirements in their programs. Government needs to get out of the way, allow citizens to give their unique contribution to our communities and not tax us so bad that we feel like all we are doing is feeding the government coffers. I would encourage anyone who has ideas to talk to me. Together We can Make A Difference.

Leave Our Liberties Alone is the theme of my campaign. I believe our greatest threat is the climate in our country trying to change the freedoms that we enjoy. I am a freedom fighter. My 14 grandchildren’s future, living in a free country governed by constitutional law is at stake. Please join me in this battle.

We are a citizen government, a Republic. I encourage you to reach out to me on what is important to you. I can help you with your concerns.


I would appreciate your consideration and VOTE to represent HD22.

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  1. Well said Lola!! I agree 100% with what you say. It would be nice if the other candidate would put forth her stance, ideas or beliefs for the public to see.


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