Local Dem Candidate Pushes Nazi Smear Against Buttrey

Earlier this week news broke about a Great Falls Democrat candidate for state legislature in House District 21 smearing his GOP opponent, Ed Buttrey, as a Nazi sympathizer.

Jaime Horn, the Democrat, posted this picture and statement on his official campaign Facebook page:

Buttrey explained to MTN News, after Horn sent the photo to them, “…that the photo was taken at one of the monthly Cascade County Republican Central Committee meetings that is held in the back conference room at the VFW on 10th Avenue South. He said that there are many wartime artifacts including the framed Nazi flag which was captured during WWII.”

It’s hard to believe that Horn, or any other serious candidate, could be such a clueless jerk.

Horn’s pathetic attempt to raise money for his ‘campaign’ by peddling the ludicrous claim that longtime legislator, respected and well known community leader and businessman Ed Buttrey is somehow associated with Nazis is disgusting.

Obviously Horn is way too dumb to be in the Montana State Legislature. No one in this community would ever fall for this kind of dirty, shameless politics. We’ve known Ed Buttrey for decades here in Great Falls.

Is Horn really that massively unaware of the community he seeks to represent? Is he really that unaware of how stupid, ridiculous, dishonest, and mean spirited this looks?

It is worth pointing out however that this seems to be the all-too-often kind of despicable tactic being used by Democrats at all levels.

When for years now top national Democrats have gotten away with calling their political opponents ‘deplorable’, ‘racist’, ‘Nazis’, ‘traitors’ etc. it shouldn’t be too surprising that the kids in the local trenches will do the same.

You would think that the local Cascade County Democratic Central Committee would issue a statement disavowing Horn’s idiotic attack on Buttrey. But no, I looked on their website and on their Facebook page and there’s no statement at all.

This garbage from Horn will reflect on all local Democrats unless and until their local leadership musters the courage to denounce Horn and his smear.

Thankfully Horn has all by himself insured his own certain defeat in November.

Posted by Philip M. Faccenda

Philip M. Faccenda is an AIA award-winning architect and planner. He is the Editor-in-Chief of E-City Beat.

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4 Replies to “Local Dem Candidate Pushes Nazi Smear Against Buttrey”

  1. Thanks for the help, Philly! Your lust and love for Buttrey is exactly what I need to prove to my constituents that the G-Funk’s establishment is out to sabotage my campaign. It certainly also helps that your dear friend voted against Montana HB 547 which prohibits employers from stopping employees from discussing wages. I almost feel bad for you considering that despite your hit piece, my fundraising has exploded.

    Progressivism is coming to Great Falls. I look forward to all the boomer old-guard such as yourself, James Conner, and Ben Lamb crying yourselves to sleep when Gen Z progressives dominate our community’s politics! 😀


  2. Philip M Faccenda September 4, 2020 at 12:36 PM

    Jaime Horn, You can kiss my ass you little punk. Progressivism of your type will never replace common sense in great Falls.


    1. Lol ok boomer. Just for the record, it doesn’t matter if I win or lose (I AM in it to win it, make no mistake), because I plan to be around for a good while, and my friends and I are going to change this community and help the people of Great Falls and Black Eagle. like it or not.


  3. Mr Horn, your Facebook post to me is rather disingenuous. As some one who has been in the backroom of the VFW and attended meetings there, I have seen the Nazi Swastika flag among other war paraphernalia. To smear someone’s name with a false accusation, should be beneath someone who is looking to represent a diverse population of voters. Obviously you prescribe to liberal left agenda of throwing mud to see what sticks. By the way, before you label me among the supporters of Buttrey, I am not that find of his politics. I just find it disturbing that anyone would employ a false narrative based upon a photo.


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