Candidates Kelly And Wolff Won’t Answer Important Questions

Last month E-City Beat invited all of the candidates for Great Falls city commission and mayor to submit their profiles, including their reasons for running and qualifications, for publication on this blog.

Bob Kelly and Susan Wolff sent in their profiles and we published them exactly as written and without editorial comment.

Last week we sent out seven questions to all of the candidates and asked that they respond with brief, concise answers.

Kelly and Wolff responded by declining to answer the specific questions, which you can read here.

Here is Kelly’s response:

Thank you for the opportunity to participate but I will respectfully pass on these questions. Several of these  issues  are currently being discussed by the Commission and it would be inappropriate for me to comment due to my current position.

Thank you. Bob Kelly

And here is Wolff’s response:

Thank you for promoting the importance of our local city elections. Because I truly seek diverse voices on issues before forming my decisions, giving answers or opinions at this time, does not reflect how I “do” business. Again, thank you for the invitation. Susan

We hope that the refusal to address voters specific concerns is not a pattern going forward for these two candidates.

Ballots will be mailed to Great Falls voters on October 18.

We will be publishing the other candidates’ responses starting next week and we are anticipating actual answers rather than excuses for not answering.



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