Mayor Candidate Burow Answers Important Questions

Editors note: Here are candidate Fred Burow’s replies to our request for brief, specific answers to seven focused questions. Burow’s answers are in bold type below each question.

  1. Would you vote to increase the Great Falls Park District 1 assessment on local homeowners and businesses to cover financing costs if the City goes over budget on construction of the new Aim High indoor aquatics facility, if additional funding is necessary for the ongoing operations of the facility, or if the City Park & Rec Department requires additional resources to fund its regular programs and operations?
    If the bids coming in are higher than expected, other funding sources should be explored. A park district assessment increase would be a last resort.  The aquatics center will most likely always need some funding from the general fund. It will receive the amount of funds that has been allocated to the rec center and pool.
  2. Should the City’s official policy regarding the Big Sky National Heritage Area and its agenda be to support, oppose, or remain neutral? The City’s current policy is to support.
    I do NOT support the Big Sky National Heritage area and I would hope our city commission would have enough sense to publicly say NO.  I feel that is an attack on private property rights by a self-appointed private corporation
  1. Would you vote to support using City zoning regulations to prevent recreational marijuana shops from operating in Great Falls neighborhoods and business districts?
    Our current city zoning prohibits pot shops in city limits. I have no cause to change it.  There are places in the county that they can operate.
  1. Would you vote to send a local public safety levy to Great Falls voters in order to pay for additional law enforcement and local criminal justice system resources?
    I would support a safety levy that would have a clear path to hold criminals accountable for their crimes.
  1. Which is a greater priority for Great Falls – low income housing or workforce housing?
    Work force housing is the most important.  Almost every business is looking for employees.
  1. Would you vote to allow development in proximity to the currently unused runway at MAFB?
    Malmstrom runway has been closed for 25+ years. It takes an act of congress to reopen.  If we want to retain the incident zone, the county commissioners should negotiate a lease with the owners and put it on the ballet for the voters to decide if they will pay for it.
  1. Do you support or oppose the proposed ordinance to prohibit long-term parking/storage of RVs, boats, and trailers on public streets in residential neighborhoods?
    State law covers this problem for 5 days. We relaxed requiring a paved parking pad in your yard to a more affordable gravel pad. The proposed ordinance in its current form is complaint driven. I do not support complaint driven ordinances.

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  1. Fred is hans down and going away the best of the two candidates–Fred is a people person –will do all in his power as mayor to support and represent the local business and citizen population.


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