Former GFPS Educator Blasts E-City Beat Followers: “Losers”

Perpetually Angry Reader Dennis Granlie is at it again. This morning, the former GFPS music teacher unleashed another broadside against E-City Beat, even attacking our readers.

While there is little doubt that Granlie derives self-edification from spewing the same personal attacks time and again, it is disappointing that he cannot move beyond the staid “losers” schtick. Even invective deserves originality.

For those who know Granlie, his preference for ad hominem attacks over substantive engagement on issues comes as little surprise — this itself, an admission of Granlie’s lack of any real ideas. While we would welcome a sincere, policy-centered discussion with Granlie, he (again) seems incapable of submitting anything but incoherent rage.

Get well soon, Mr. Granlie!

Responding To An Angry Reader

On a Facebook post sharing Phil Faccenda’s excellent piece from yesterday, Angry Reader Dennis Granlie really let us have it.

He writes, “You really need to change the name of this blog to “Sore Losers’ Page.” You simply must accept that Rick lost the election and stop trying to litigate it time and time again! When you’re in a hole, the smart thing to do is quit digging.”

As further — actually, any — research on Granlie’s part would indicate, Faccenda’s column did not “litigate” the Rick Tryon/Tracy Houck/campaign finance fiasco or Tryon’s election loss. In fact, we have not written a single word about it in any of our other posts, nor will we. Granlie’s right; Houck won, Tryon lost, and that’s that.

But because Granlie’s post was so mean-spirited (not to mention inaccurate), we will indulge him this: for the next day, E-City Beat will be renamed, “Sore Losers’ Page.”

Maybe Granlie will be a little less angry.

An Angry Reader Blasts Us For Supporting Ed Buttrey

Sen. Ed Buttrey

We received an email recently from “Carl” in Bozeman, who did not take kindly to our, in his words, “juvenile hit piece on Greg Gianforte.”

Carl writes:

You people are pathetic. I heard there was a new conservative blog in MT (desperately needed!!) only to see your juvenile hit piece on Greg Gianforte–who unlike Democrat Ed Buttrey-is actually a CONSERVATIVE!!!! You should team up with Montana Cowpie and then go ahead and support Buttrey for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!!

While amusing, and not dissimilar to another commenter who labeled us “libtards,” Carl’s email is worth highlighting, because this “Buttrey is a Democrat” narrative is a real thing among those on the far-right. At the Cascade County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner on Saturday, GOP Congressional candidates were asked policy-specific questions along the lines of, “How will you support President Trump’s agenda while in Congress?” When it was Buttrey’s turn, he was essentially asked why he is running as a Republican when he is really a Democrat. Classy.

Here’s something we don’t understand about this argument: Buttrey first ran for the Legislature in 2010, in SD 13, then a blue district previously held by Democrat Joe Tropila. Part of this area, on the House side, was at the time represented by long-time Democrat, Bob Mehlhoff. If Buttrey were really a Democrat, then why would he file as a Republican in a district where voters traditionally punched blue tickets? To make it harder on himself?