Great Falls Democrat Activist Smears Cops As Racist Cowards, Calls For Defund

Editor’s note: The cover photo for this story shows Jasmine Taylor (right) posing with Cascade County Democrat Central Committee Vice Chair Helena Lovick for their wtf406 blog.

On Friday morning E-City received an email containing screenshots of several posts on a Facebook page called ‘Jasmine Taylor For Montana’.

Taylor is a Cascade County Democrat Central Committee precinct captain in precinct 22A in Great Falls, according to the CCDCC website.

She also ran for state legislature in 2020 and for Great Falls city commission in 2019, losing both times.

Below are the screenshots of the Taylors posts from this week.

“Everything about our country’s policing system is shameful…I will say again, defund the police.” – Jasmine Taylor, Cascade County Democrat Precinct Captain

The full text of Taylor’s post on the above screenshot.

Taylor implies cops are racist by sharing this:

Profiles In Progressivism: Kamala Harris

There is a woman.

She is deeply authoritarian, transactional to a fault (just ask Willie Brown), and completely bereft of any sincerely held policy views whatsoever.

Her name, although incidental to the main point, is Kamala Harris.

Profiles In Progressivism: Joe Biden

There is a man.

He stands credibly accused of sexual assault (despite his prior stance that all women should be believed), he will reflexively do Xi Jinping’s bidding if elected, and he is the most outwardly senile candidate for president in American history.

His name, although incidental to the main point, is Joe Biden.

Profiles In Progressivism: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

There is a woman.

She believes the world will end in 12 years, supports free tuition and health care for illegal aliens, and is hands-down the dumbest member of the United States Congress (a remarkable feat unto itself).

Her name, although incidental to the main point, is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.