Does Bullock Think The 2nd Amendment Is About Hunting?

When Steve Bullock ran for the Democratic nomination for President he made it clear that he would support a ban on some semi-automatic firearms. Here’s what he said, according to an AP article from August, 2018:

“Gov. Steve Bullock’s comments came in response Sunday to a question posed to him on CNN’s State of The Union.

Host Jake Tapper asked Bullock if he would support an “assault weapons ban, a ban on some forms of semiautomatic weapons.”

Bullock answered, ‘You know, I would, Jake.’ “

During Saturday’s debate, Senator Daines said the following:

“I protected the Second Amendment and have been endorsed by the NRA with an A-plus plus rating. He wants more gun control, and the NRA just gave him an ‘F’ rating.”

Bullock’s comment Saturday night on the Second Amendment was vague and non-committal, saying something about how he supports the Second Amendment because he’s a ‘hunter’. That fits with what Bullock’s spokeswoman said in the same AP article referenced above:

“Bullock spokeswoman Ronja Abel says Bullock is a gun owner and a hunter who doesn’t see the need for certain kinds of firearms for hunting or personal safety.”

So I have to ask – does Governor Bullock really believe that our Second Amendment was written with deer hunters in mind?

It’s possible he’ll ‘evolve’ on the issue before November 3, Election Day. After all, it didn’t take him long to ‘evolve’ from repeatedly saying ‘I’m not going to run for Senate’, to eagerly jumping in with both feet after visits and talks with Chuck Shumer and former President Obama.

That brings me to our poll question today:

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Posted by Philip M. Faccenda

Philip M. Faccenda is an AIA award-winning architect and planner. He is the Editor-in-Chief of E-City Beat.

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4 Replies to “Does Bullock Think The 2nd Amendment Is About Hunting?”

  1. He is such a WEED


  2. Lol. Seems to be a reading comprehension test.
    Good to see only one (at this time) failed.
    Thanks for the reminder that the liar, philanderer and embezzler at least is consistent with his spin.


  3. Well, I would honestly say yes, BUT hunting is just a minute part of it. Hunting and personal defense were only side issues ASSUMED to be included because of the absolute right to keep and bear arms to Guarantee our liberty. We need to protect our liberty from destruction by both external forces, and particularly INTERNAL forces such as a certain despot that wanted to rule with his Pen and Phone. (Luckily, we had the power to oppose that without the need of active firearm use, which WERE part of that power by just being available.)


  4. Amendment is clear. It’s to ensure well regulated Militia.


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