E-City Beat Invites Candidates To Make Their Pitch

Here’s the list of candidates in Cascade County/Great Falls who will be on the ballot in November competing for seats in the Montana State Legislature, followed by E-City Beat’s invitation for each candidate to answer some questions for voters. We encourage our readers to contact the candidates and encourage them to respond so that voters can be more informed come Election Day.

SD 10
Steve Fitzpatrick (R) is running unopposed. – fitzpatricks@bresnan.net

HD 19
Wendy McKamey (R) – wsgmckamey@gmail.com
George Shultz (L) – starhealth@charter.net

HD 20
Melissa Smith (D) – melissasmith4hd20@gmail.com
Fred Anderson (R) – professorchevy@hotmail.com

HD 21
Jaime Horn (D) – officialjaimehorn@gmail.com
Ed Buttrey (R) – ed@buttreyrealty.com

HD 22
Jasmine Taylor (D) – jasmineforgf@gmail.com
Lola Sheldron-Galloway (R) – lola4montana@yahoo.com

HD 23
Brad Hamlett (D) – senatorhamlett@gmail.com
Scot Kerns (R) – ElectKerns@gmail.com

HD 24
Barbara Bassette (D) – bessette4montana@gmail.com
Steve Galloway (R) – galloway4mt@gmail.com

HD 25
Jasmine Krotkov (D) – jasminekrotkov4mt@gmail.com
Steve Gist (R) – giststeve@gmail.com

HD 26
Helena Lovick (D) – electhelenalovick@gmail.com
Jeremy Trebas (R) – trebasformthouse@gmail.com


The E-City Beat (https://ecitybeat1.wpengine.com/) blog is coordinating a legislative candidate project.

E-City Beat wants to help make sure local Great Falls/Cascade County area voters have as much information as possible going into the 2020 elections and we’re going to be publishing regular candidate updates etc.

This is an opportunity for you to make your pitch to the voters directly by submitting a piece written in your own words, 600 words max, answering the following questions:

Talk a little bit about your background, family, work, and hobbies/interests.

Why are you running for the office?

Why are you running as a Democrat, Libertarian or Republican?

What are a couple of issues in the state legislature that you could work on to help Great Falls and Cascade County grow and prosper?

What makes you the best candidate in the race?

Your response will be published in full and unedited, but please address the questions above and keep your answer at 600 words or less, total, not per question.

E-City Beat has a substantial local readership and following and will publish your responses on the blog and promote them on social media.

We will publish responses from candidates together by district – i.e. returned responses from candidates in HD21 will be published in the same post at the same time etc.

The deadline to return your response is Monday, August 24. We will begin publishing responses starting the following week.

You can send your responses to info@ecitybeat.com, we prefer MS Word format but PDF is acceptable. And please include a picture of your smiling face if you would like that included.

Thank you for running for public office and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me any time.

Philip Faccenda
E-City Beat”

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