Does Jasmine Taylor Get To Decide Whether Or Not You’re A Racist?

Continuing our series on the revealing social media posts of local and state candidates/politicians, today we feature Democrat Jasmine Taylor.

Taylor lost to GOP incumbent Lola Galloway in Cascade County’s HD 22 in 2020. She also came in dead last out of a field of 6 candidates, losing in the 2019 Great Falls City Commission race.

Apparently, she is still running for the seat she failed to win last year because her Facebook profile is Jasmine Taylor for HD22.

Here are a couple of screenshots from that Facebook page which were sent to E-City Beat this week.

So, if you ‘argue’ with Jasmine Taylor about whether or not ALL lives matter, you’re a racist.

All law enforcement, which includes Great Falls law enforcement, is ‘entombed in racism and white supremacy’?

If you call for calm and peaceful protests rather than violence, arson and looting, well then you’re a racist. Jasmine Taylor says so.

And if you complain about property damage, like your life dreams as represented in the business or home you built, being burnt to the ground by ‘protesters’ then of course Jasmine Taylor declares you a racist.

No wonder Ms. Taylor lost so badly both times she ran for public office. No doubt she will lose again if this is how she rolls.


  1. Same old tired narrative from some woke left social justice warrior. Killing another human is never good, but jumping to conclusions before all the facts are in place is irresponsible to. We can never trust the mainstream media to give us the whole story. Wonder if she is willing to show up at 2 a.m. to assist with an elderly person reporting a breakin ? Seriously doubt it!


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