Feds To Give GFPS $2.3M; Levy Still On!

You won’t read about this in the local mainstream media, but the federal government is coming to the rescue of Great Falls Public Schools.

As a result of the multi-trillion dollar federal response to the coronavirus, GFPS stands to receive $2,382,452.53 (p. 3 from the embedded .pdf via the Montana Office of Public Instruction).

Of particular note, on p.1: “School districts will have broad latitude on how to spend these funds.”

Thanks to Sen. Llew Jones (R-Conrad) for sending this to one of our readers, who promptly sent it to E-City Beat.

Of course, the School District is fully cognizant of what they will get — over $600,000 more than the permanent tax levy ($1.75 million) they are seeking to impose on all of us.

They still want the levy anyway.


    • If you read an actual new source, ie The Electric, KRTV, or the Great Falls Tribune, you would see that they plan to use the money to help support students who sent have access to materials and resources needed for resource learning. It is also being used to deep clean schools. Triangulate your sources, because this is less than a source, this blog is crap

  1. The reason they won’t cancel the levy election is because they ALWAYS want more guaranteed money. Even if it passed, they would still demand even more.

  2. If our Fed is giving this money to GFPS the levy requires cancellation. Why aren’t our local news stations in local newspaper advertising this. Are they that stupid that they can’t figure it out on their own or they just don’t want to report it. Come on Great Falls Tribune krtv kfbb Etc let’s broadcast that’s so people know that they’re going to be taken for money that they don’t need to be spending. I’m voting no for the levy.


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