Fun For Teens In Great Falls


Recently, I wrote about hosting a series of events this summer for our teens. Well, the first date has been set! I am working with Kevin Bray and The Alumni to host an All Ages Night!

The Event will definitely be happening on June 9th to celebrate the start of summer. For $10, all students with a current student or state issued ID showing 7th grade through 18/19 years old are invited!

There will be pizza and soda included with the cover charge, and of course music, dancing, and other activities that our teens will love.

I know what you’re thinking –  “Dropping your kids off at a BAR for the night?” The owners and staff have decided that it will be a DRY night and no one older than 21 will be admitted except into the casino.

This is only the first of what we hope to be many events geared towards giving our youth a night life all their own. There are some really awesome ideas for these events. The biggest being the way that these events give back to our community.

Even more than that, Kevin Bray is hoping to use any profits from these events to go towards scholarships for students wanting to pursue an education in music.

Mark your calendars, save the date, and let’s give our teens one amazing summer!!!

Check out the Facebook event post here.



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Tori Unger grew up in the Chicago suburbs, and moved to Great Falls in 2016. She is passionate about community awareness and involvement as well as safety issues and is a voice to be reckoned with.

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