Will Bob Kelly Endorse Tracy Houck In 2019?

Dear Mayor Kelly:

In the 2015 City election, you offered your full-throated endorsement for then candidate Tracy Houck to the Great Falls City Commission…..

(You wrote this on your campaign Facebook page on October 13, 2015.)

bob Kelly tracy hock

In the same election, Houck was found guilty by the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices, Jonathan Motl (a Bullock appointee, one of yours and Houck’s ideological tribemates, no less), and fined to the tune of $1,000, an exorbitant sum for a politician who merely “missed” a filing deadline.

But Houck didn’t just miss a deadline. In actuality, she claimed that two pieces of mail were lost in the mail, on the same day, en route to two different offices in two different Montana cities. (No, really, that was her actual defense!)

And what was your take on your progressive running mate and her manifest transgressions? Oh, that’s right, you wrote it all off — those pesky Montana election laws —  as mere “pettiness”…..

(You wrote this on Tracy Houck’s campaign Facebook page in 2015. It has since been deleted.)

Bob Kelly partisan democrat

Pettiness? (You mean the law?) You’ve gotta be kidding me!

And that was just in the campaign.

Since then, and as a City Commissioner, Houck’s involvement in a matter she never should have been involved with in the first place spawned an investigation by the United States federal government into the City of Great Falls, in which the Department of Housing and Urban Development determined that conflicts of interest have run rampant in River City under your watch… with Houck and Bill Bronson as chief perpetrators, and you, too, Mr. Mayor.

So what people want to know, Mayor Kelly, is this….. do you stand by your endorsement of Tracy Houck in 2015, and do you intend to endorse her campaign for re-election in 2019?

You once campaigned as a change candidate with a devotion to transparency.

Our readership — the voting public — eagerly awaits your transparent response.

Sincerely yours,

Phil Faccenda

Philip M. Faccenda
Philip M. Faccendahttp://www.straymoose.com
Philip M. Faccenda is an AIA award-winning architect and planner. He is the Editor-in-Chief of E-City Beat.


  1. Yo Every one !! I am wondering where is the change ? Where is the transparency ? Hell where have all the retail business gone ? Where is the Nat? Where do the needy seniors and folks who need aquatics gone ? Or perhaps where has the creation of new opportunities gone. If I remember correctly as candidate Bob Kelly touted a change of “skill sets”was just what Great Falls needed. I wonder did that include the closing of many anchor retail stores? forcing an established company to vacate eight ave north and loss of a tax base for the city? Lets not over look the parking meter idea, Lets take another look at new “skill sets” how is that working ? Any one have an answer? Not answering a legitimate question at a general commission meeting is that “new skill sets”? This was a general commission meeting NOT a special meeting, where only agenda items may be addressed.


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