Great Falls Libertarian Running For HD22

Several local candidates responded to E-City Beat’s request for profiles, and today we are starting to publish the profiles to help our readers become more informed voters.

Tony Rosales is running for the Montana State Legislature in HD22 as the only third party candidate in Great Falls. His opponents are Democrat Nick Henry and Republican Lola Galloway, here is his profile:

“I am the Libertarian candidate for House District 22 in the Montana State Legislature. This district represents the West-Side of Great Falls extending into the Greater Cascade County area including Sun Prairie.

As a brief background, I’m a 4th generation Montanan, born and raised in Great Falls, and I grew up in a Filipino-American household where my family instilled patriotism and love of neighbor. Like many young Montanans I left the state, and eventually earned a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame.

Currently, I work as a healthcare and medical consultant, where I have advised 5 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies. Due to the pandemic, I work remotely allowing me to reestablish my residency in Great Falls.

Throughout my educational pursuits and establishing my career, I have maintained a commitment to the Great Falls community. Traveling on weekends during college, I worked as a nursing assistant at Benefis, primarily at Peace Hospice. Honoring my late father, I promote music scholarship and education for Great Falls students.

More recently, I’ve coached CMR High School’s speech and debate team and led four qualifying students to the National Championship this summer. I now want to serve the residents of Great Falls as a legislator and community leader.

I am encouraging Great Falls residents to “Vote Local, Vote Libertarian” with three main campaign ideas:

  • Local Governance: The ‘Separation of Powers’ is key to our republic and Montana deserves State Legislators who will hold the Federal Government accountable. I am the ONLY candidate in House District 22 who is championing the cause to return our liberties – not just leave them alone.
  • Independence: I will represent the interests of Great Falls and House District 22 not a political platform. Many other candidates also campaign on independence, but they eventually meet their party’s whip. As the Libertarian candidate, my agenda is YOUR agenda!
  • Community Leadership: I’m a different type of candidate, and I’m asking my community for the opportunity to show you what I can do, not only in the legislature, but also back home in Great Falls. Montana District 22 will have a representative and leader of the people.

The race in HD 22 is shaping up to be one of the most competitive races in Montana for 2022. There will be little, if any, implication if a Republican or Democrat win this seat. Accusations of “voter-stealing” may have a place in presidential and state-wide offices, but when it comes to local politics and legislators, we need more options to truly represent the communities that elect us.

My candidacy gives the local community an opportunity to elect a representative based on principles and representation instead of “lesser of the two evils”. I hope the Great Falls community will take this first step in telling the establishment parties that their game of politics has no place in Montana.

Let’s make Montana history and elect the first Libertarian legislator!”

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