Great Falls Mayor Candidate Profile: Fred Burow

Editors note: This is the second of two profiles featuring candidates running for Mayor of Great Falls.

Fred Burow – 2021 Candidate for Mayor of Great Falls

  • People of Great Falls deserve a choice
  • Age – 72 years young
  • Married to wife Helen for 52 yrs
  • Have 4 Grown children,  8  Grand Children and  4 Great Grand Children
  • Personal Priorities –Church, Family and friends


  • High school graduate
  • World Wide College of Auctioneering graduate
  • Professional Ring man course


  • 20 yrs Farm builder
  • 36 yrs Auction business
  • 12 yrs Bus driver –Great Falls Transit
  • 2 yrs  School bus driver
  • 8 yrs Great Falls City Commission
  • 72 yrs School of Hard Knocks


  • Faith Lutheran Church
  • Skunk Wagon Antique Car Club
  • NRA
  • Treasure State Fly Wheelers


  • Hunting, fishing and shooting
  • Traveling
  • Collecting antique tools, shop memorabilia/advertising,  and guns
  • Collecting and restoring antique cars, trucks and Massey Harris tractors


  1. Public Safety – Support Police and Fire to make sure they have the tools they need to do their job.
  2. Utilities – Continue providing clean water and dependable sewer at affordable rates.
  3. Community Development –  Review policy and requirements for home and business construction.  Expansion and remodeling business plans to bring good paying jobs to the area.

Issues that Great Falls is facing

  1. Crime – Personal property  theft and damages.  Drugs seem to be a major driving force for theft and violent crimes.
  2. Deferred infrastructure maintenance – repairs of fire stations and other city buildings need to be addressed.  Applying for grants to cover some or all of the costs and possibly use some of the  Covid-19 monies to offset costs.
  3. Air Force Missile upgrade – will increase affordable housing shortages.
  4. Additional  Fire coverage – our city has grown to the point that we need to build and man at least one new fire station.
  5. Additional Police Officers – additional officers are needed to stem the flow of theft,  illegal drugs, trafficking and other crimes.  

Reader interactions

3 Replies to “Great Falls Mayor Candidate Profile: Fred Burow”

  1. All hat, no horse.


  2. “Air Force Missile upgrade – will increase affordable housing shortages.”

    What does this mean?


  3. Mr. Fred Burow, heres where we could use some help:
    Meanwhile… folks.. we have Mayor Bob Kelly that wants refugees sent to Great Falls! It’s time for change. We don’t want refugees here. We also need a couple of fire stations and more police officers with better pay for all. We also need more affordable inner city activities for kids. Support for homeless kids. Theft and drugs are dragging Great Falls down like Chicago! Longer term recovery for drug programs, drug addiction repeats itself in a horrific manner. Theft is sky rocketing like fireworks. Downtown has been so promoted that the rest of the city has gone to hell. Unfortunately Mr. Burow, you wont have a say so with missile defense upgrades, thats up to DOD and the Federal government. There is already a housing shortages and our own citizens cant afford housing, need to fix that first. The more you build the more they will come = a better economy for Great Falls. No more the good ol’boys club, allow more new businesses into our city, restaurants would be a good start! Enough casinos, bars, hotels and banks!


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