Great Falls Mayor Candidate Profile: Fred Burow

Editors note: This is the second of two profiles featuring candidates running for Mayor of Great Falls.

Fred Burow – 2021 Candidate for Mayor of Great Falls

  • People of Great Falls deserve a choice
  • Age – 72 years young
  • Married to wife Helen for 52 yrs
  • Have 4 Grown children,  8  Grand Children and  4 Great Grand Children
  • Personal Priorities –Church, Family and friends


  • High school graduate
  • World Wide College of Auctioneering graduate
  • Professional Ring man course


  • 20 yrs Farm builder
  • 36 yrs Auction business
  • 12 yrs Bus driver –Great Falls Transit
  • 2 yrs  School bus driver
  • 8 yrs Great Falls City Commission
  • 72 yrs School of Hard Knocks


  • Faith Lutheran Church
  • Skunk Wagon Antique Car Club
  • NRA
  • Treasure State Fly Wheelers


  • Hunting, fishing and shooting
  • Traveling
  • Collecting antique tools, shop memorabilia/advertising,  and guns
  • Collecting and restoring antique cars, trucks and Massey Harris tractors


  1. Public Safety – Support Police and Fire to make sure they have the tools they need to do their job.
  2. Utilities – Continue providing clean water and dependable sewer at affordable rates.
  3. Community Development –  Review policy and requirements for home and business construction.  Expansion and remodeling business plans to bring good paying jobs to the area.

Issues that Great Falls is facing

  1. Crime – Personal property  theft and damages.  Drugs seem to be a major driving force for theft and violent crimes.
  2. Deferred infrastructure maintenance – repairs of fire stations and other city buildings need to be addressed.  Applying for grants to cover some or all of the costs and possibly use some of the  Covid-19 monies to offset costs.
  3. Air Force Missile upgrade – will increase affordable housing shortages.
  4. Additional  Fire coverage – our city has grown to the point that we need to build and man at least one new fire station.
  5. Additional Police Officers – additional officers are needed to stem the flow of theft,  illegal drugs, trafficking and other crimes.  



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