Houck Out At Paris Gibson Square


E-City Beat can confirm that Great Falls city commissioner Tracy Houck is no longer Executive Director at Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art. According to the PGSMA web site Houck is no longer employed there in any capacity.

It is unclear whether she was fired or she resigned.

We first started receiving messages from local citizens two weeks ago that the PGSMA web site abruptly listed an interim Director, Sarah Justice, with no other announcements or information about the change.

E-City Beat Editor/Publisher Phil Faccenda contacted Ms. Justice who confirmed that Houck was out, that it happened suddenly, and that all other inquiries should be directed to the PGMSA Board of Directors.

We checked Houck’s public Facebook page and discovered that although she has updated her profile picture as recently as today, she still has “Executive director at Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art” on her page.

Houck’s dual role as a city commissioner and executive director of a local non-profit raised serious ethical and conflict of interest issues during her tenure.

Last year Houck was named by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development as being one of three Great Falls city commissioners who engaged in conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof. Houck directly intervened as a city commissioner in the Community Development Block Grant funding process in an attempt to direct taxpayer funds to PGSMA. Both she and her daughter were employed by the Square at the time.

We will be further investigating the reasons for Houcks departure from the Square and will report our findings. If you have any information please contact us.





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