Rick Tryon, Candidate For Great Falls City Commission


Editors note – last month we asked each of the six candidates running for the Great Falls city commission to submit a profile for publication (exactly as submitted and without editorial comment) including the reasons they are running and what they want to accomplish if elected.

Kim Rodriguez, Terry Thompson, and Rick Tryon responded with submissions. Bruce Pollington responded after the August 21st deadline. However since Pollington only missed the deadline by one day we will publish his profile as well.

Tracy Houck, Jasmine Taylor, did not respond. 


Rick Tryon

Great Falls is my hometown. I was raised here. Phyllis and I were married here 36 years ago and we raised our own two daughters and started helping to raise our grand-kids right here. My 87 year old mom still lives here.

I love Great Falls and I love the people that live here and make this community special.

But something is wrong and we all know it. We’re not living up to our potential and we know it. We need change, for a greater Great Falls.

I remember when Great Falls was the envy of Montana’s cities – a bustling, thriving community with plenty of opportunity for everyone. It seems we’ve lost our way. I know we can’t, and shouldn’t, return to the ‘glory days’ of 50 years ago, but we can fix what’s wrong while celebrating what’s right in our Great Falls.

Here are the three concerns I hear repeatedly from local folks and a general outline of what we can do to start addressing these issues:

  • Jobs and Opportunity – through a streamlined development process and an unmistakable “open for business” attitude.
  • Safe Kids and Neighborhoods – as a candidate for Great Falls city commission I am calling for 4-6 new GFPD sworn police officers and tougher law enforcement and justice system policies.
  • Transparency and Honesty – zero tolerance for conflicted, dishonest, self serving public officials and an end to backroom deals for special interests.

I urge you to take a look at the nine specific action steps I’ve put forward to start tackling these areas of concern. You can find those ideas and a lot more on my website at www.tryon4commission.com.

I’m not running for city commission because I have a personal pet project I want to work on, an organization I want to “help”, or an agenda to accomplish for my professional/personal pals or family members.

I’m not running to please or to be popular with anyone or any group, or to represent some “special” neighborhood or part of town. Great Falls belongs to ALL of us, not just a few who have money and influence.

I’m running so that the average citizens in Great Falls who’ve been left out of the conversation for too long have a clear voice and a sharp pair of eyes and ears on our city commission.

I’m running because I believe we have to bring a sense of urgency to making sure our town is growing and prospering so that we have a population and tax base that can continue to support our legacy of quality public education, public safety and infrastructure, and the amenities that make for a great community.

I’m running because I believe we can turn our weaknesses into strengths and become the most family-friendly, safest community in Montana with better jobs and opportunities for all, and that we can build a reputation for having the most honest, transparent and responsive city government in the Northwest.

Let’s build some glory days together. Sound good?

Rick Tryon




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