How To Help Victims Of Gibson Flats And Denton Fires

Extreme winds in Northcentral Montana contributed to spreading major fires in the area resulting in the loss of homes and other structures and uprooting the lives families.

Two of the hardest areas are Gibson Flats, south of Great Falls, and Denton, Montana which is located a little over halfway between Great Falls and Lewistown.

Here are a couple of ways you can help in the relief effort.

West Wind/Denton Fire Donations

Monetary donations are now being accepted for the West Wind/ Denton Fire. ALL proceeds will go to support firefighting efforts and local home, business and ranch recovery. If you would like to donate by cash or check, you may leave donations at Stockman Bank or mail to Montana Winter Fair, PO Box 931, Lewistown, MT 59457.

Click here to donate online.

Local help for families displaced by the Gibson Flats fire.

Gibson Flats Fire Donations

A local Facebook page has been set up to coordinate relief efforts for those affected by the Gibson Flats fire.

Click here to visit the page.

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