GF Tribune Gushes Over Far Left Local Candidate

It should be no surprise to anyone who pays attention to such things that the Great Falls Tribune abandoned even the pretense of objectivity some time ago.

Once again the ‘newspaper’ has confirmed it’s rock solid commitment to the far left and the Democrat party by it’s near-slobbering promotion of a local progressive candidate for state legislature.

Here is a Tribune Facebook post from Friday 12/10:

Apparently the folks at the Trib think local readers are too stupid to see through their lame attempt to cover their blatant political bias with racial virtue signalling and smily pictures.

The Tribune’s First Nations newsletter with it’s phony little fluff piece about how a one-time state Representative who lost her seat to a Republican in 2020 ‘plans to protect herself from burnout’ is nothing more than an early campaign ad and pure political propaganda.

And it’s as transparent as it is hilarious.

And just in case anyone wants to start with ‘whataboutisms’ and pointing fingers at this blog, we’ll remind readers right now so that there’s no ambiguity:

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